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YouTube Tactics to drive a large traffic to videos and blog

YouTube Tactics to drive a large traffic to videos and blogYouTube as you all know is a great source for driving limitless traffic to your videos and also to your website. There are about 100 hours of videos posted every minute on YouTube, which makes it a very tough competition for us to rank our videos at the top of the YouTube search results. So, here in this post I have provided the “YouTube Tactics to drive a large traffic to videos and blog“.

So, what are the methods by which we can bring our YouTube videos at the top of the search results of the YouTube search engine. The answer is simple to this question. The only method to do so is search engine optimizing your videos for better results on the YouTube.

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Here are some tips for you all for bringing a live to your videos on YouTube.

YouTube Tactics to drive a large traffic to videos and blog

1. Choosing the Topic

The most important thing for a video to top in YouTube results is that could it be able to bring a lot of traffic to your video. Means is the topic you choosing would be searched by a person on YouTube. You must check out the analytics of YouTube keywords so that you get an idea that how much searches are related to your topic.

Also keep in mind that is your video the one that  would be helpful for the visitors, or it would be one they would like to share with some one else. So, make a video that would go viral on internet.

2. Attractive and SEO rich title tag

The title tag, or say title of your YouTube video must be one which has a great number of searches over internet. After choosing a topic provide a good title to the video. As the YouTube’s first choice would always picking up a video that matches the search terms of a visitors. So, provide a SEO rich heading to your video.

3. Provide a brief description

The description of your video must be long enough that it is similar to a blog post. If you provide a long description, YouTube will have more information about your video and it will surely place your video at the much higher level than the others.

The description must such that it makes your video understandable. The YouTube uses the keywords in the description to rank your video high, so make your description SEO rich.

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4. Seo rich Video Keywords

The video keywords are the one of the factor that Google and YouTube take in consideration to show your video above in search results.

Now, choosing keyword is very important task. You will always see that there only some of the keywords for which the videos come up in search results. This is due to the fact that Google know that what are the terms that would require a video explanation and what are others that a person want to read about.

Like for example, if you will search for “Dancing baby”, you would not like to read about a dancing baby but you would like watch it, so for that reason you will see video results for this keyword in the search results.

Increase traffic to Youtube

So, before you decide to choose any keyword for the video, first always check that if there are some video results for it in search engine or not.

5. Spread it all over internet

Social media is the best method of increasing the appearance of your work on internet. Just share the video on the famous social networking websites communities, link building sites.

This will surely provide a start to your videos traffic and if the luck works your video may get viral over internet in a day.

You can also throw your links on the forums, in the places where the people are asking the question related to your Question. This will provide a great hep to the other people who need help in that particular topic and also it will provide much exposure to your video.

If you will make the first impression of your video good to search engines it will surely in few days bring your video up in search results.

6. Link building and subscription

The links to video or a post are very important factors that can decide the fate of your work. So, increase the linking to your website and videos. This will surely provide a great support to the ranking of your website.

Ask people to subscribe to your videos. This will provide you regular subscribers to your videos. This will also build up your reputation over internet in small time.

At the end of the video don’t forget to ask f or subscribing and sharing your video.

7. Commenting on other videos

This could be a great option for increasing your presence over internet in small time. So, comment n other videos that are related to your topic or the videos from where the visitors could be interested t come to your side to view your videos.

For this reason also keep your name catchy one that people would easily fall for.

Hope these all steps were helpful for you.

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  1. Yes, YouTube can be an excellent source of targeted traffic. People forget that it’s actually the world’s second most popular search engine in its own right. So all the tactics that work well on Google apply to YouTube.

    It’s also a social site, so the more you engage with other videos via comments etc, the better for your own. You can even create videos that respond specifically to one’s that you’ve seen. You may even be able to get a video conversation going with another YouTuber that benefits both of you.

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