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The WordPress plugin that can get you penalized

The WordPress plugin that can get you penalized

Yeah there is a WordPress plugin that can get your WordPress website penalized by Google. This plugin is used widely by people to replace a number of keywords with a particular link. “SEO smart link” WordPress plugin that can get you penalized. The plugin is mainly used for replacing a set of keywords with the what ever link you want.

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What is SEO smart link plugin?

This plugin mainly helps you in replacing a particular keyword with your post links or affiliate link. The main purpose of the plugin is to improve the ranking of particular posts by spreading there links all over your posts and pages.

One can use this plugin in a great method if you want, but if used(mostly) you will get bad results from this plugin.

Why the heck is this dangerous?

Think of the situation when you have replaced your keywords like “SEO” and “Website” with a particular link, similarly you have assigned links to lots of the keywords. Think that these all keywords comes in a single post and also in a great amount. Your whole page will be filled with these links, which can cause a heck of danger to your website.

The think that this plugin doesn’t  have is controlling the number of links per page. So, it means that you can have a full-page filled with links using this plugin.


Isn’t this the one of black hack seo named keyword stuffing and cloaking that can cause your website penalized by Google.

There are many incidents that a cause you think that what this plugin can do to you, you can read about such an incident here: SEO smart link penalty.

So, Which plugin would be better?

There is an advanced version or better plugin named “SEO smart link +” , this plugin provides the facility of decreasing the number of links per page and some other features that were not there in the previous plugin. But this plugin is also not safe if not used wisely.

So, hope this post on WordPress plugin that can get you penalized provided you some new information and a better plugin that can help in Search engine optimization of your website.

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