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Why to move From blogger to wordpress: Make your choice

Why to move From blogger to wordpress: Make your choice
Blog spot is also a good platform for new blogger’s but there are many reasons that I am going to discuss later in this discussion that why you should migrate from blogger to WordPress. Blogger Hosting is free but there are many loop holes in Blogger that are fulfilled by WordPress. Blogger is good for part-time bloggers but if you are in serious mood of earning and blogging than you should move to WordPress now.

Things I hate about Blog spot

  • It provides Poor SEO.
  • Difficult customization
  • Very limited options for templates.
  • No plugins only few widgets
  • Requires lots of HTML changes so as to apply any widget.
  • Very Poor Customer service.
  • Poor Comment Area
  • And many other factors as well…

Things That I like about Blog spot

  • Free Hosting
  • Security is great
These all things are sufficient for you to know that what is better for you and why. But I will take in detail about these points below for better knowledge of this topic.

Why to move from Blogger to WordPress

 1. Lots of Plugins For easy Use

WordPress provides with plentiful of plugins that provide an easy method to customize, secure and do lots and lots of things by just installing them.
Whereas in blogger, you have to change HTML code for everything. Some changes have to make for adding new widget. So, it is very time-consuming and also very stressful.
Whereas, it is simple and easy in WordPress.

2. Easy customization and designing

There are lots and lots of themes that are available for WordPress, both free and paid. Free themes also look professional. There is no need of dealing with HTML coding on uploading a new theme/template.
WordPress is recommended by all professionals and majority of people, due to easy designing and customizing.
If you are willing to find some attractive  professional themes than follow these posts:
Best WordPress Themes

3. Better interaction with Visitors

It is easier to interact with visitors through WordPress, which is very important thing. The comment system of WordPress is better than blogger. It is seen that WordPress blogs get more comments than blogger.
Getting comment and interacting with visitors is very essential for every website owner, as this is the mean by which one can increase a regular visitors.

4. Better SEO

It provides with many plugins that help in increasing your website SEO. Like SEO by Yoast, All in one SEO, SEO pressor and many more. You can get the best SEO plugin here. You may have observed that the website that have WordPress  hosting are mostly on main page of Google. It is not that blogger is not good, but WordPress is better.

5. Loading is Fast

The loading of the website is faster in WordPress, provided you have not used lots of plugins that are slowing down your loading speed. You can also get plugins that help in boosting the speed of your website. The blogger uses only one page with HTML coding in it which decreases its SEO drastically.

6. Makes Guest Posting easy

Guest posting is made easy by WordPress as in blogger it is hard to manage the Guest posts as they always come in your gmail address, whereas using plugins in WordPress the task can be made easy.

7. Rank is Easily increased

The rank of your website is easily increased by WordPress where it takes time and lots of hard work on blogger. I have used both and I have felt the difference in both. As I had discussed in point 4 that it has better SEO, so it is obvious that your rank can be easily increased through WordPress.

8. Selling Your blog is easier

Selling your blog through WordPress is easier than blogger. Very fewer people think of selling their blog as if one is passionate about blogging he will never sell it, but many time conditions are such that you have to sell your website. It is very difficult task, but it can be made easier with WordPress.
These all points show that WordPress is superior than blogger in many things, But this doesn’t means that blogger is not good, this platform is best for new bloggers, and when they have the condition of buying the WordPress hosting they can do it later.
Here are the steps to transfer from blogger to  WordPress in easy method:
Transfer from Blogger to WordPress
Hope you liked the post 🙂 Leave your views about which is better.

Originally posted 2013-05-09 09:37:00.

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