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Why I Prefer GetResponse Over Aweber For Email Marketing

I was looking for a very good email marketing platform for email marketing with auto response. At this point, I was thinking about the platform available which would be the best one for email campaigns. Email marketing plays very important role in getting loyal and returning visitors for blog. It is extremely helpful in running a blog for long run which extremely helps in keeping your blog active with lots of readers.

Email marketing is also considered as one of the best techniques run CPA campaigns and promote affiliate products to client using the best email marketing tool. Email marketing is also considered as one of the best tactics for making good relation with readers, by asking them questions or providing them some useful information. It helps a lot for an internet marketer to increase sales and brand. Reputed blog doesn’t die  despite of being taken down in some updates in search engine because of their great mailing list which keeps on giving them regular traffic and sales.

GetResponse vs Aweber

Despite of knowing about the benefits, it would be foolishness to stay away from such platform. Without wasting a minute I decided to go with the best mailing platform, I was confused between GetResponse Vs Aweber. I heard good reviews from my friends and I wanted to try myself.


I made some comparison between both the platforms, before I made my choice:

Easy To use: Both the email marketing platforms are giving away the one month free trial for now, but Aweber ask for credit card to be linked whereas the GetResponse Doesn’t require any [No harm in giving a try for free]. Both the platforms gives equal opportunity to try their services for free.

Professional templates: Better templates we use for sending newsletters to our subscribers more positive result you see. Building better templates for email is very important to connect with readers in better way.

Both the platforms are providing professional looking varieties of forms and Templates which may be used for collecting emails and sending professional newsletters.  GetResponse provides over 500 professional looking templates. Aweber has provided little lesser than that of GetResponse.

Support: Both the platforms had provided live chat support option for all the users. They both are equally good in supporting the clients.

Pricing & Plans: Aweber is providing services at 19$-149$ for 500- 25000 subscribers.

GetResponse vs Aweber

Whereas, GetResponse charges from 15$ to 450$ for 1000 to 100000 subscribers, which is much cheaper if compared.

GetResponse vs Aweber

For 10000 subscribers Aweber is charging 69$ whereas GetResponse charges 65$, there is not big difference but GetResponse can help your save some extra money.

Features of Both the email marketing platform:


After using the GetResponse platform I personally feel it is one of the good platform, and would like to recommend my friends to try at least once.

Best Features:

  • GetResponse has variety of template which one can choose desired template for sending professional mails to client.
  • It don’t require any credit card for signing up for premium account for one month.
  • There are free tutorial guides for newbie user, on how to use GetResponse email marketing platform including all the benefits.
  • It feels good to get good support after we buy some services from any company, because they care for us. Similarly you can find a good support with live chat included.
  • Responsive templates, perfectly suits well on any device.


Aweber is used by most of the internet marketers as it is one of the reputed email marketing platform. It comes with lots of flexible features for one user.


  • Aweber provides free trial for one month with credit card details.
  • Aweber comes with better integration with more Apps.
  • Support team is always ready to help you whenever you need them.
  • Good templates for mailing your clients with varieties of options.
  • If you need any guide about how to use Aweber you would find many tutorials and videos for help.

awber vs getresponse email marketing

Both the email marketing platform looks very good, Aweber is also one of the best email marketing platform. However, after looking over all the features I personally preferred choosing GetResponse for Email marketing platform. Other than these they also provide free hangouts for users, which help a lot in knowing more about the email marketing.

Thanks for reading, Share your views on GetResponse Vs Aweber.

Best Regards.

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