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Which has better security WordPress or Blogger? Get answer to it

Which has better security WordPress or Blogger?  Get answer to it
This is the question in every blogger’s mind that which one of the two WordPress or blogger has better security? Then this is the post that will provide the answer to this question. I will provide you with the platform better in security, how we can increase the security in both the platforms and how your website can get hacked when you are not giving much attention on this point.

Both of these are quite good in security factor, but as blogger is the platform that is managed by Google so, it is somehow ahead of WordPress when we talk about security.  Let us talk about both in detail.


This platform comes under Google, so it is quite secured. We sign in to the blogger through Gmail so it is very secure. As you know that Gmail is very secure, so it is very difficult to hack blogger.
But if still you want to make sure that your website doesn’t get hacked then give a moment to read these points to protect your website.

How to protect from hacking?

Keep the password of the Gmail quite hard, that means which carry characters, numbers, special characters, upper and lower case letters. This makes it very difficult for the snooper to hack the website.
But still keep changing the password frequently every month or two for more satisfaction. This is efficient.
The third and the main point is those keep your email details secret and don’t disclose them to anyone.
These steps are sufficient for a secured website without any terror of getting hacked.


This platform is not so secured, but there are many security plugins that are very useful for protecting your website against any illegal use.
You can check the list of these plugins from our post: Best Security plugins for WordPress
And also the point discussed above in the section of blogger for protection against hacking are useful in WordPress security.

Your turn

Have you made your website secured. Do you have any other points that I have forgotten to discuss in this post? Then do comment and share it with our visitors. Keep visiting and commenting J

Originally posted 2013-06-21 07:07:00.

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  1. I can manually keep WordPress back up, starting from File structure to Database and that too day by day basic..

    I like WP in that sense 😀

  2. blogger is easy and wordpress is bit hard to start but wordpress has much more features and flexibility !

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