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When is the next Pagerank update in 2013

When is the next Pagerank update in 2013
This is the question in every bodies mind, that when is the next page rank update? When will be the Google page rank be refreshed?
Are you all waiting for it? And finding the answer for it? Then here is the right place you will get to know about it. You will also get tips to increase pagerank here as well.

Here is the answer for it, I am not damn sure about it, but as you may all know that Page rank is refreshed after an  interval of 3-4 months. Previously, the page rank was refreshed on 4th February 2013. And according to this date next time the page rank will refresh is in the month of may or june.

When is pagerank Updated?

 Last time the Google Page rank was updated on 4th of February 2013. And the page rank updates after an interval of 3-4 months and 4 times a year.
In my view, I am not sure or may I say no body is sure about the exact date. But I think so the page rank would be updated in the first week of may or june.
All expected updates in 2013:
  • 1 Update : 4th February (Confirmed)
  • II update : May be on first week of may or June
  • III Update : May be on September or  October
  • IV Update : May be on December or  December
These are not confirmed dates the dates can vary from these, but these are the most expected dates that I think the page rank would be updated.

What To Do to Increase Page rank?

What you should do to increase your page rank? Here are few points:
For more tips on increasing pagerank you can follow my Post: Tips To increase your pagerank

Do You really Think Of Page Rank That much?

In my view the page rank is not the only factor that helps in increasing your website traffic or earnings from your website. The pagerank only helps in bring your website page up in Google Search, but this doesn’t mean that your website traffic will surely increase.
I have seen many websites that have reached to a pagerank of 6-7 and still there is no change in their traffic. 
So, don’t waste so much time on just watching your page rank, rather you should work on methods to increase traffic to your website.

Then what to Focus On instead of Page Rank?

As I have told you that the pagerank doesn’t ensure that you will start earning faster or your traffic will increase. So, what to focus on so as to achieve a great traffic and earnings?
Here are more things to focus on:
  • Quality of your posts.
  • Regularity in your work.
  • Reading SEO tips
  • Working on Social Network
Here are some posts that will help you to know about what to follow to increase traffic and earnings:
Hope you liked this all in one article. So, its your time to comment 🙂

Originally posted 2013-05-03 06:02:00.

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