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When is Next Page rank Update 2013: Get Answer here

When is Next Page rank Update 2013: Get Answer here

Now this is question in every one’s mind that when is the next page rank update. It was expected that the next page rank update would take place in mid June, but has come to the end of June and there has been no Page rank update since now. So, here we have got news that the new update

most probably would take place within first week of July.
Hope fully many friends and forums are providing this date for the next page rank update. Previously the update was held on 4th February 2013. And according to the Google page rank trend the page rank is updated every 3-4 months.
So, most probably the next page rank will take place within first week of July.
No body exactly knows the date that when page rank is updated, as no body is aware of the algorithms of Google. But guessing is all we can do 🙂

Effect of page rank

The websites that have better page rank are generally seen at the top of the Google pages. But, it doesn’t guarantee that your website visitors will increase.
Many friends of mine have got directly 5-6 page rank in first update but that didn’t increase their visitors so fast as it is expected, but it is sure that better Page rank insures lots of Guest Posts.
Hope fully mine first page rank update would bring me some Good news with a Good page rank 😉

Your Views

What is your view about next page rank update, do share with me and our visitors.
And good luck for your next page rank update 🙂

Originally posted 2013-06-29 11:09:00.

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  1. hmmm,, agree !!

  2. Yeah, hope am expecting the PR update by next week.

    Mine is new blog and currently it is with the PR0.

    But am working hard to improve it and so am curiously waiting for the next PR update.

    Thanks for writing about it, keep doing it.

  3. Same here mam, I have also created this website two
    months ago and my website has not been yet analysed
    by Google.

    So, waiting for a good result 🙂
    And best of Luck "Nirmala" Mam 🙂

  4. I am eagerly waiting for this update! My blog currently has no page rank but I hope I do get now!

  5. I am stuck at 1 since long 😛

  6. I am also waiting for the pagerank update. I thought it would get updated in June but I was so wrong.

  7. Usually it happens on any national holiday of US or on Sundays, so you may expect this will happen on July 4th (on their Independence day).

  8. Hope so "Raj Kumar" 😀
    And best of luck for your PR 😀

    Keep visiting 🙂

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