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What is Over-Optimization? Affects of it

What is Over-Optimization? Affects of it
Over-optimization is the state when your website is considered too good by Google(means it changes to bad). This can happen by many means like if your backlinks or because of over-on page optimization. Due to over-optimization of your blog you may be penalized by Google and banned from there search engine for ever. So, this thing must be kept very clear that you must not over-optimize your website and work sincerely and faithfully for achieving good ranks. Now lets talk about this topic in detail.

What is over-optimization?

As, I mentioned above that Over-optimization means creating very large number of backlinks in few days or using lots of keywords in a single web-page. These tricks are now very dangerous as Google has launched Google Panda and penguin for these type of activities. Mainly Over-optimization is optimization above a limit that Google provides.
Over-Optimization is not spamming but still you can be penalized and banned from Google for ever for breaking this limit.
Generally the thinks that cause this is that new blogger’s generally thing of creating lots of backlinks just by one clicks from backlink generator, but this may lead a person to lose its website from Google Search Engine.

How to take Check

The things that you can do for checking this malaise is that;
  • Don’t use auto Backlink Generators
  • Don’t buy or interchange backlinks with other fellow bloggers.
  • For WordPress users they can use a new plugin naming:  SEOPressor V5. This plugin i specially designed by viewing all the new algorithms of Google.
  • Don’t add to many keywords in a single page, this can adversely affect your website.
  • Read more and more SEO articles, as it helps a lot.
Hope you liked this information. Do comment.

Originally posted 2013-05-25 05:41:00.

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  1. i think
    ''to good for google'' must be
    ''too good''. please use appropriate punctuations and change that 'to' to 'too' in 2 places.

  2. Oh thanks Bharath for your suggestion:)
    I will correct mine mistake now 🙂
    Thanks for your response 🙂
    Keep Visiting 🙂

  3. Yes, over optimized blog can bring a new blog from no where to somewhere because of the blog popularity

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