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What is Google Panda- How this Algorithm works-Tips On Google Panda

What is Google Panda-  How this Algorithm works-Tips On Google Panda
Google Panda is the change in the Google’s search Ranking algorithm. This step of Google has helped the websites with Quality content to rise up in the Google ranking. This algorithm has led the low quality content websites to lose their rank very fast. Since the release of this algorithm many low quality websites have been doomed from their rankings. The worst part of this algorithm is that if you are banned by it, then it is very difficult to cope up with it.

So, it is better that we learn the points to cope with this tool before it harms your website.
First lets know that how this algorithm works.

Working of Google Panda

  • It uses an artificial intelligence that uses human quality testers that tests the website.
  • These human type testers test the quality, quantity, Design, Speed, trust of website.
  • This algorithm is updated time to time so as to test the websites future.
  • Unlike Pagerank, Google Panda verifies whole website or a particular section of the website.
  • The main thing that it works on is that it keeps watch on the quality of the content of the websites. O, be careful with the quality of your website.
  • When the Google Panda observes some defects in a website, it bans the website. This is termed as Google Slap

Tips to cope with Google Panda

As I mentioned above that it is better to cope with this algorithm, before it harms your website. So, here are some steps that will help you in understanding Google Panda and make your website Panda friendly 🙂

1. Remove Low-Quality Content

The first and the most important step is that remove all your low quality content from your website. As, I have mentioned above that the thing that Google Panda checks the most is the quality of the content. And also keep in mind that the content you publish on your website must not be copyright material.
Delete all the auto- generated post from your website if any. If you want to protect your website from Panda Slap then be careful of this.

2. Content must Be unique

Keep this thing in mind that the data you provide on your website must be unique than any other website. This will protect you from Google Panda. keep a look on thing that the material you provide to the visitors must be useful and also one attracting people. Also your articles must be SEO rich.

3. Trust Of your website

Your website must be trusted by people. The trust of the website is calculated with the number of links with the website and also the facebook, twitter and all other Social Media links.
So, increase your links and make your website trust worthy.
The other things that plays a role is that the posts must be such that they look they are written by experts. Make a website that people would love to bookmark.

4. Website must not be thin

This means that the website you make must have high number of articles and the websites which have very less content have been banned by Google Panda. Many website spammers make many websites with very less content, these type of website have been banned by Google Panda.
Hope this information was useful for you 🙂 please comment for your reviews 🙂

Originally posted 2013-04-29 06:27:00.

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  1. Hi My Name Is Saif Afridi And i Am from Pakistan . I recently Started blogging And i Have very little experience. And Many Thanks to you .. this information about google panda was very new for me 🙂 Now i Will Try Hard to Provide Quality content in my articles .. ThAnks to you Vishal

  2. thanks Afridi For your response and appreciation 😀

    As you are new to blogging so be in touch with our blog for new updates .

    And for any help you can contact me 🙂

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