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What Is Blog bouncing Rate? How to reduce it: Essential tips

What Is Blog bouncing Rate? How to reduce it: Essential tips
Bouncing rate is a very essential term in Google Analytic. It provides an information of how long does a visitors remain on your website. You know about your blog to be successful when your visitors visit your website more and read your website for longer time. Here in this post I will be providing you all with knowledge of that what is Bounce rate? Its importance and How to reduce it.

What is Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate is the percentage of single page visit or time for which a Visitor remains on your website.

Importance of Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is important as it describes the success of your blog and also provides information that how many visitors are regular or following your blog. Saying in short, it tell us about the reputation of your blog. It measures the quality of blog from visitors point of view.

Tips to reduce Bounce rate

Here are some essential tips that will help in reducing your Bounce rate by great amount.

Quality Content

The first and the for most thing that will affect your websites bounce rate is quality of content you provide to your visitors. The visitor will only stay on a webpage for longer time if he/she is getting a quality content and also the content must be represented in an attractive way. Otherwise, it will surely increase your bounce rate. “Quality is King

Less Loading time

The loading time of your website must be less otherwise many times the visitor may not wait for that long time and may switch to another options on Google search. Therefore, you must work on the loading time of your website and remove all the unwanted plugins or attachment’s that can slow your loading time.

Good Layout and Design

The looks of your website must be attractive and such that it attracts the audience towards it. You must make your website page as simple but attractive as you can. As adding different attachments may decrease your loading time, so it will affect your Bounce rate.
The looks of the website must be professional. The theme must be perfect.
Here are some themes for WordPress if you want one for your blog:
10 best WordPress Themes: Best Collection – All Blogging Ways

Website description

Website description must be placed at the top of the website providing a hint to the visitors that what is your website all about.

External Links on new tab

This is very important thing. That you must always setup your external such that they open in new tab, otherwise you may loose your visitor. And it may lead to increase of your bounce rate.
The easiest way to do this is to simply add target=”_blank” into the link’s tag. 
So for example; >anchor text

Attractive Titles

The tittle you provide to your post must be attractive and long as it helps in both attracting a viewer and also helps in increasing your SEO of your website.

Clear readability

Your blog must be easily readable and must be divided in to paragraphs or points. Nobody likes to read long articles without any space. As it requires lots of stress to read a articles which don’t provide points or small paragraphs for reading. This may lead to increase of your website bounce rate very adversely.

Insert Image to your Post

Images are very essential for  a blog post as you must have heard “One picture can describe thousands of words.” The images also clears the overview of your blog post. 

Recent post or Popular post widgets

This is very important as if you provide your users with attractive popular post widget, then it will surely decrease the bouncing rate of your website, as a person will remain for a longer duration on your website. Here are the widgets for blogger’s that they can choose for Recent post or popular post.

Proper heading and subheading to your post

You must provide suitable headings and subheading to your blog post as it makes the post attractive and at the same time it also increase your SEO. So, this is must for your post.

Add internal links

Add internal links to your post as it will help in increasing the time span of a visitor on your website. This is also very essential tool.

Search box

iv style=”text-align: left;”>Search box must be available for visitors so as if they have any questions than they could search a particular keyword on your website.


Search Engine optimization is very important as it helps in increasing your visitors, their time span on your website and also helps in increasing your page rank.
You can get hot tips for SEO here:

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