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What are responsive Templates? Check if your website is responsive or not

What are responsive Templates? Check if your website is responsive or not
Responsive theme is one which is compatible with all the devices on which your website is being visited. If your website is not responsive then it may cause the problem to some viewers of your website. Like for example if any person is watching your website from smart-phone then it may happen that your website is not properly appearing on the smart-phone. So, if you are applying any template to your website then you must keep this in mind that theme is responsive.

You can check some Responsive themes from here:
The responsive theme is compatible with all resolutions. Your website can be viewed in many resolutions like: 1200px, 600px X 1024px and 295 X 515px and some more. If your website is not responsive then you may not get perfect view of your website in each resolution.
For making a website responsive, you must have a good knowledge of HTML/CSS.

Check If your Website Is Responsive:

Here I am providing some website links that will show you that if your website is responsive or not. After clicking on any link you will get a website open with different screens on it with different resolutions.
You will have to enter the website URL and click on Enter. Then you will get your website open on each screen, check if your website is working properly in each case.
If it is working properly then that means your website is responsive, other wise not.
If you get negative results then you can choose the theme for your website from our responsive themes list:

Your Turn

Is your website responsive? Do share your result with us 🙂

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