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What are inbound and outbound links? How to use them

What are inbound and outbound links? How to use them
You must have heard of these terms many times inbound links and outbound links, and surely some of you may know what are they and how to use them. If you want to know about these important SEO terms, then just follow the post. Surely you will get the answers for your question.
Now, Lets start with discussion:

What are inbound Links ?

Inbound Links: These are the links which are present inside your posts that redirect to any other page of your own website. Or these are the links that redirect from other website to your website.
These are also known as Backlinks that are pointing from your one website page to another website page. These are very useful as these links help in holding a visitor for a longer time on your website. These may also be categorized as the links that are pointing from other website to your website.
If these links are dofollow and the website linking to your website has good Page rank, then it is very helpful for you for increasing your pagerank. There is less control on these types of links.
Better is the quality of the website, it is better for you. It is better to have 20 quality backlinks than having 100 low quality backlinks.

How to Create inbound links?

Here are the steps that will help you to build inbound links from your one webpage to other.

Create inbound links through your blog

  • When ever you write a post, insert some inbound links that are related to your post.
  • In blogger you can insert a link to your post by using the link option at the top of your blogger posting page.
  • Insert the url of the page you want to redirect and enter the name of keyword or post.
  • Example, you may be watching some green words on my blog in the post, these are inbound links.

Create inbound links through other blogs

You can also create inbound links from other websites by:

What are Outbound Links?

These are the links that redirecting from your website to other website Page. We have better control of these links as we only have to add these links into our post.
These links help in building relationship with other bloggers.
These links are used when you are referring to another website content or you like other website content and want your readers to look about it.
That’s all !! Hope you liked the points.
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Originally posted 2013-05-08 07:21:00.

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