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What are Black hat tricks? Are they helpful or not

What are Black hack tricks?  Are they helpful or not
For increasing the SEO of a website there are two type of techniques: One is white hat means using appropriate ways to increase your website rank. Whereas, Other is Black hat, Black hack tricks are the tricks which are used for increasing your website ranking using unethical ways. Such tricks may use illegal methods to deputed the websites by use of spam on other websites, enlarge the amount of keywords on other website and much more. These tricks are done by some jealous people, who use these tricks to deputed reputed websites and repute their own website.

These tricks can be helpful but are mostly harmful for your websites. These tricks may lead to banning of your website. So, if we sum up all, then these tricks are one which are unethical tricks to increase your rank.
In the past these tricks were very useful but now day’s use of these tricks may penalized your website from many search engines. In my view it is not advisable to use these tricks.
Now lets learn about this in detail;

What are Black hat tricks?

Black hat tricks are the tricks which are used to increase your website rank illegally by using unethical ways. These tricks mainly use of spamming other websites, adding enormous keywords to other websites, Adding bad pages to other websites. In my view, this is not the right way to increase your pagerank.

Adverse Affects of black Hat tricks

The use of black hack tricks mostly affect your website adversely but in some cases it may be  helpful. In past, these website were very helpful, but nowdays using these tricks is very harmful. It may even led to banning of your website from search engines.

Main Black Hat tricks

Spamming The content

The basic black hat technique used is spamming the websites the content. These techniques mainly alter  logical view that a search engine has over a website’s content. Means that the content of the website is spammed by these techniques.

Links Exchange

Exchanging links from a reputed website is a good thing but. These types of websites exchange links with the website which are created only for these type of tasks. Or they may be exchanging links with each other. Where as the links must be exchanged naturally. 
These tricks help in increasing pagerank but in illegal way that may harm your website.
Now here are some subcategories of these two types of black hat tricks:

Spamming The content

  • Gateway or Doorway Pages: 
These are the type of pages which are rich of lots of keywords. These are mainly low quality pages that are just built to redirect a person to other websites. They may use things like “click here” and you will be redirected to other website. They don’t provide any useful information to visitors. This technique has now become a useless technique.
  • Keyword Stuffing
The keywords on a specific page are increased by a large amount. This helps in increasing the density and variety of the page. They use lots of keywords in a single post and also repeat the same keyword again and again.
  • Meta tag Stuffing
As the name suggest repeatedly lots of keywords are placed in the meta-tags. Once this was a very effective technique to increase your page rank but not nowdays.
  • Hidden Or invisible text

In this technique lots of keywords are placed on a webpage which are made of same color as the  colr of other text on the websites. This helps the website to protect itself from the bots and these keywords are also not visible to users. 

These are against the policies of Google and there are some severe punishments for it.
  • Scraper websites
These websites are the one that uses programs to “scrape” search engine results, taking published copyrights from other websites, often without permission. Scraper websites are often covered in advertising, especially pay-per-click ads. There have been cases of scraper sites out ranking original websites for stolen content. The scraper website then combines all this scraped content into a unique presentation that tricks both search engines and users.

Links Exchange

  • Cloacking
In this practice one places the link of other website on his page. In this technique the content shown to people is something else and user are a redirect to some other content.
  • Software’s for building links
There are many software’s that provide links to your website. These are automatic programs that create backlinks to your website from a third-party.
  • Comment Spam
These comment spam can create an issue for a website owner. These type of comment spam gets to a website when they enable them to comment on them without verifying whether it is a person or bot. These may severely effect a website.
  • Sybil Attact
In this technique the person creates lots of fake identities of him and then uses them to make link to his website.

Conclusion: Never use black hat tricks

These all techniques may be looking very interesting you may be thinking of applying these but in my view Please don’t use these techniques as these may adverse affect your website and even ban your website.
Instead of these you must use white hat techniques for increasing your website rank.
Hope you liked the post 🙂 Comment!!

Originally posted 2013-05-07 08:13:00.

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