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Ways To Increase Earning From Your Blog: Killer Ways

Ways To Increase Earning From Your Blog: Killer Ways

I have seen many of my friends that have nice blog yet they are not earning a good pay from them. As you know that earning from Google Adsense is really very slow method. You will earn from Google Adsense only when there is a click on the ads, otherwise you will not earn anything. So, what are the methods that will help you to increase your payment both from Google Adsense and also some other effective methods.

Here are the killer ways that will boost up your earning for sure.

Ways To Increase Earning from Your Blog

Firstly From Google Adsense. These are the ways to increase the earnings from Google Adsense.

1. Placing Your Google Adsense at Right Place

This is very effective method, to place your Google Adsense at place where there can be more clicks from the visitors. I had provided you all with the methods of How To place Google Adsense inside the post in my previous post.

2. Google Adsense Looks

The second thing to keep in mind is the view of Google Adsense. The Google Adsense must look as simple as they can, they must not have no borders, simple background, and embedded in the page. For more Guidance you can follow my post: Ways To increase CTR Rate on Google Adsense. This will provide you all with how to increase earnings from Google Adsense.

Secondly The Other Methods To earn From Your Blog

1. Sell Ads space

The best method to earn through your blog is to provide space for advertisement in your blog. But this method will only work if your website has Good reputation and has Good internet presence. You can follow my post to Tips To increase internet presence , so that you can apply for this method and earn a lot from it.
Do, you want to advertise on my website for just few dollars than contact me.

2. Join Affiliate program

Another Good method to earn from your blog is Affiliate marketing. In this method you have to  relevant a product. There are many companies like Amazon is the one of the simpler and effective affiliates program website.

3. Join Affiliate Network

There are number of advertising networks that can help you in earning a good earning. Commission Junction is one of the most popular network that helps you in earning more money.

4.  Sell themes and Templates

You can contact with many publishers like Studiopress and DIY themes to sell their themes and templates and earn commission for your selling. This helps both in increasing your online relations and also increase your income.

5. Sell plugins and Gadgets

 The other things that can work for you is sell plugins and gadgets on your blog. Many bloggers like to buy gadgets and plugins for their blog. So, if you want to earn through every prospective than take up this job, may be this may help you.

6. Ask For Donation

Ask for donation for your blog, many people help the good content and good working blogs and provide small donations. May be not lot of them will help you but it is better to ask for donations.
Hope You Like The post. Waiting for your valuable comments. 🙂

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Originally posted 2013-04-16 08:59:00.

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