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Verified List of Dofollow commentluv blogs 2015

Commentluv-dofollow-blogs-list-2015Backlinks to your website is one of the main factor that  decides that what percentage of the traffic to your website comes from the search engines like Google and Bing. Dofollow Commentluv blogs are one of the great methods to increase quality backlinks to your website. The only thing you have to do is comment on these dofollow Commentluv blogs.

When I searched about Dofollow Commentluv websites 2015, I got some websites but most of the links were not dofollow or commentluving. But, here I have tried to provide you all with one of the best list with tested websites for commenting on them. May be some of the websites have blocked or stopped comments temporarily due to spam comments, but almost all the other websites must be working fine and would be ready to give you a dofollow high quality backlink to your website.

Dofollow backlinks to a website is one of the most important factor on which the Page rank of the website depends, so just follow this list and start making lots of backlinks to your website.

What is Commentluv? How is it useful for me?

A WordPress plugin that helps in providing a better commenting experience and helping our commentators to leave a link of the latest posts under their comment.

We have the power of keeping the links dofollow of no-follow, and the links both dofollow and nofollow will be helpful for the commentators so it attracts lots of comments on a website.

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Verified List of  Dofollow commentluv blogs 2015

Here is the list of the dofollow commentluv blogs in 2015 that will be helpful for your website.

Pagerank 6

Pagerank 5



Welcome to The 2 Create a Website Blog

Pagerank 4




Famous Bloggers

Home Page

Home 2016

Pagerank 3


This is a massive list of dofollow commentluv blogs for link building. Just get started now and make links to your website. Hope you enjoyed the list, so do share it with others and don’t forget to comment below.

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  1. Great list. I was just looking for such a list for 2014

  2. Freek van Aerle

    Can i make these back links, even i don’t use wordpress?

  3. Nathaniel Kidd

    Thank you for this awesome list. As noted backlinks play a vital role in our traffic. I thank you for such a comprehensive list.

  4. Great list Vishal! You can always add me under the PR 3 crowd 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow amazing list Vishal! Its really helpful for me,I so a searching for almost 10 minutes for good commentluv i found already at yours..thanks for sharing..

  6. Thanks for sharing this links bro…
    I am working on this…

  7. Hi Visha,

    Nice list here I must attest, but I found it very difficult this time to leave comment and guest blog like before, notwithstanding I will try and re-sit to see to the above blog either by commenting or guest posting on at least one or two

  8. Much appreciate your favor Vishal 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for the list. and I must start comment by using this.

  10. All link create backlinks?

    • At the time of post, these all links created the links, hopefully most of them are now also available. Just check it out using chrome extensions or mozilla firefox extensions to check if the links are dofollow or not.

  11. Great list. However most of them are nofollow. Anyways great post. That’s an whopping list.

    • hey Akshay thnks for ur complement.

      As you know with time, sites can change their links from dofollow to no follow and that’s why u may be getting sites that are nofollow. 🙂

      I will surely try to re-publish this post with better websites 🙂

      • I am getting ready to start marketing my website that’s almost finished and am glad I came across this post, but if these are mostly no follow as Akshay states, it would be a waste of time to use this list. Did you ever get around to updating the list and republishing it?

  12. Thanks for sharing do follow blog commenting sites list !

  13. Nice do follow blog commenting sites list 1

  14. This is a very helpful blog for the newbies in the field of blogging. I am blogging since a good number of years, but even I gained a lot of valuable learning from this post. Thanks for the share….

  15. Great list! If you guys want, you can comment on my blog as well – I have comment luv installed so you can leave back link to your website 🙂

  16. Hello Vishal,

    Dofollow comment are really helpful to get rank high in Search engine.
    This is great list of dofollow comment blog. I will check one by one.

    I hope these blog will help me a lot to create high quality backlinks.
    Thanks for sharing with us

    Areesha Noor!

  17. Thank you very much for this list. It really helps me to make new back-links. Commenting is actually a great way to make back-links as well as helping the website owner to enrich his content in Google’s eyes. Helping people is a great work. Thanks.

  18. Thanks a lot!

    I needed to add some juicy backlink to my website! With this list I wish it will help my ranking!

  19. huge list of dofollow commentluv blogs..Struggling to get high quality backlinks to my blog.Hope the list you have mentioned here will help me..Thanks for sharing

  20. كشف تسربات المياه

    Thank you so much for the list

  21. Hi,

    Your post is really very effective for blog commenting, thanks for sharing nice post with PR.

  22. Thanks for sharing the Information. I really Like it Your Pc.

  23. There a lot to be tried, but maybe some of them like this blog, blog comment is moderated and not immediately published but its better for those like me who comment on articles i find helpful.

  24. thank you for the list with Page Ranks.

  25. I’ll try to visiting the list of dofollow commentluv blogs. Hard work to increase my rank blog…

  26. Thank for sharing this long and Good list of High PR Comment Luv Blogs..

  27. impressive site with good page rank,,,useful and awesome…

  28. Thanks buddy for the great list.And moreover keeping up to date at a time where the ranking change like anything.Really helpful..

  29. Nice collection Of Commentluv blogs bro

  30. Great list and smart that you didn’t link out to them but instead used plain text. I noticed that a lot of older commentluv lists that linked out no longer use commentluv (probably because of the influx of comments from the links)

  31. thanks for sharings and good job

  32. Steep list. If not a secret, how many took the time to make such a big list. In the list there are some really good sites. Thank U.

  33. Hi Vishal,
    This is just great list for all bloggers and other users.
    Thanks for sharing…

  34. Wonderful site with good page rank,,, useful and awesome

  35. I just want to thank you for this great list

  36. Thanks for this list of dofollow backlink. I will do some follow up today.

  37. Thanks for this list. I would like to know whether commentluv displays a backlink only to wordpress blogs since it is a wordpress plugin ?

  38. Thanks for sharing this links

  39. Nice info friend but some of the sites are broken

  40. good One…Thank you for sharing this information….Keep it up..waiting for next Blog….

  41. this is very easy guide method and it is very good thanks to provider .

  42. Thanks for Providing the Best List, really Nice Every Site is with High PR

  43. How to know that a particular website is dofollow or nofollow?

  44. Thakn you for this great list
    you save me a lot of time

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