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Useful Ways to Keep Old Posts Alive

 Useful Ways to Keep Old Posts AliveMaking a blog posts takes a lots of efforts and it feels very nice when the posts rank high in the search engine. But, it hurts when the old posts lose their rankings and start coming down. So, what are the steps that can be followed to keep alive your old posts? Here in this post are some useful ways to keep old posts alive.

As, we have already invested lots of time on our posts, so to keep our posts alive is a great way by which you can increase your traffic. So, let’s get started.

Useful Ways to Keep Old Posts Alive

Edit Old Titles

It is a great method of bringing your old post to live, by changing the titles of the posts so as to make them SEO friendly. Making creative titles with useful content just makes the game for you. If done properly you can gain a lot of traffic to your website through search engines.

Linking Old posts to new one

Link your old posts to the new ones this will make your old posts active and will help raise ranking in the search engines. Internal link building is a great method for SEO rich website. Link the keywords related to particular keywords with the links.

Share on Social Networking websites

Sharing old posts again on the social networking websites will strengthen the old posts. As with time new followers and visitors will watch over your old posts and thus will bring the posts to life again.

Edit the Post & Re-write new updates

With time new methods and strategies come in the market. So, updating your old content with new updates will highlight it in front of Google and other search engines. Add interesting and new updates.

Spread through Newsletters

Newsletter helps in building up the regular visitors to a website and helps you in sending the content to your followers. This will help in building up a large audience.

Re-pin Images on pinterest

There are a huge amount visitors that are following pinterest everyday, and it is a great option for driving a great traffic to your website. And the way in which you can keep your old posts alive is pinning the old posts again.

Recommended Posts

Adding sections like, you may also like and recommended posts can also be a good option for bringing your old posts to live and always have them on top of the search engines.

These are the Useful Ways to Keep Old Posts Alive, just follow these and see a great change in your website traffic. If you have any other advice, comment below so as to help our visitors.

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