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Twitter Tricks : Hide Your Profile Name

twiiter hide your profileTwitter is the most used social network after Facebook. Most celebrities of the world was on twitter but not on Facebook. Twitter is just a way to connect your thoughts with others. Many users use twitter for sharing their thoughts. Many use’s twitter for blogging purpose and for many for different-different work. Well this info is general. So this info in not related to our twitter tricks. Well i am sharing this trick because many users want to do some prank and fun. So using this trick they can easily prank and have fun with your friends. In this trick i will show you how to hide and make twitter profile name blank.

Note :- Well hiding your definite name coarsely twitter could make adverse effects if you are a verified devotee. And also you was unable to change your name next to 30 days, therefore make sure that what you are doing is only your’s responsibility. This trick is only for those who have to make some prank and fun. Now follow our below guide to apply this twitter tricks with your twitter profile name.

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Twitter Tricks : How To Hide Your Twitter Profile Name

  • Open your browser.
  • Log-in to your Twitter account.
  • Now navigate and see “edit name” option or visit settings page to get “edit name” option.
  • Now after getting edit name option click on “edit“.
  • In place of your twitter profile name enter “”.
  • Now click “Save” button to make changes.

That’s it !!. Now this twitter tricks will get you an awesome fun. Now when every one of your friend visit’s your twitter profile they see a black twitter profile name. Maybe they will ask you how you had done this ;-). Now fiends its time for sharing this trick with your friends. To share this post you can use our below sharing tool. This tool will help you to direct share on your social networks. Keep sharing because sharing is caring :-).

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