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Top recommended tools for Checking your website status: Must try all

Top recommended tools for Checking your website status: Must try all
As you all know that search engine optimization is very important for a website. So, if you want to check that if your website is SEO optimized or not, what to do? Creating backlinks is also very important but how to get information or updates of your backlinks? Similarly lots of tools are required for reviewing or checking the status of a website.

So, which are these tools? Here I have gathered a list of 10 most recommended tools to check your website status. After checking your website status work on the loop holes of your website.

List of top tools for checking website status

Check Ranking Of website

You can check the ranking of your website in whole world with lots of tools but best out of that are:
  • Alexa Rank

These all tools rank the website on the basis of different criteria. Like Alexa rank ranks your website on basis of traffic and backlinks to your website. This is most common rank that is first viewed by any person to check quality of  a website. Great tool for checking website status.
  • Page rank

Then comes the Page Rank, who doesn’t know about this rank. This is the ranking provided by Google on scale of 10. The website with more points of 10 has better indexing over internet and is judged ass better website.
  • Moz Rank

Similar to page rank is your websites Mozrank. Mozrank is a tool created by SEOMOZ. This tool provides a rank to website ranging from 1-10 and is generally said that is more accurate then pagerank as this rank is updated regularly for checking website status whereas Google Pagerank is updated after 3-4 months and 3-4 times a year.

  • Trust Rank

Trust Rank is the rank that is the ranking of the website on the basis of backlinks and links to the website. More are the links and presence on your internet, more is your trust rankings. Website Online Status about trust rank can be checked through following tools:
Tool to check Page rank:
Tool to check Moz rank:
Tool to check Alexa rank:
Tool to check trust rank:

Checking Backlinks to a website

Next comes up checking the backlinks to a website:
You can check your websites backlinks through various tools. These are the best Website Status Checker tools.

Checking Speed of website

Now next step comes to checking speed of website. By checking speed of website you can see that why your website may be slow and you can work on it. Website Status Monitor tools for checking speed:
Tools for checking:
also you can check on

Your turn: 

Hope you liked the list of tools and checked your website status. Now share with us your experience and if any problem you can ask me any time. Do comment for your response.

Originally posted 2013-07-10 23:32:00.

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  1. very intresting post Vishal. i am always looking forward to check my site rank and ways to improve it. I was knowing about Alexa. Page rank and others are a pleasant surprise for me. Your site has lot of interesting information and I really liked it. all the best and looking forward to your upcoming posts…may be you to optimize my site for search engines..really bugged up with that.

  2. thanks Jiggyasa for your appreciation 😀

    Keep in touch with our site for more such info.

    Do subscribe 😀

    And for any help you can contact me any time 🙂

  3. Nice list, should be handy..

  4. Thanks Hunky for your complement 😀

    Keep visiting 😀

  5. Yeah Alexa rank is best but other's are also that much important as this alexa rank is 😀

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