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Top 7 best blogging platforms in 2013

Top 7 best blogging platforms in 2013
Blogging has become quite popular nowadays. Lots of people are making new blog every minute. So, there is a question in every one’s mind that which is the best platform for blogging. Many people make the websites for just fun and time pass or as passion, whereas some make for earning money and there are others who make a website for building up their business.

So, if you want to start a new blog and are in search of best blogging platform then here is the list of 5 best blogging platforms that is best for blogging.
Let’s start our list from the best platform in my view i.e. word press:

Top 7 best blogging platforms in 2013

1. Word press:

This is the best blogging platform in my view as it is simple to use, highly secure, contains unlimited plugins and many more features. This is the most popular platform for word press and is used by millions of people for their websites. If you are starting a new blog then this is best for you. Generally this platform is preferred to expert ones as it is paid web-hosting.
You can buy a new web hosting from here at lowest rate.

2.  Blogger

On the second place is blogger. This is another great free web-hosting for new blogger’s. I always prefer this for new bloggers as this is free hosting and one having financial problem can use this web-hosting for their website.
This platform is directly provided by Google, so this is the most secure platform for website.
The only problem is that for any modifications one should know HTML/CSS as every changes are to be made in the coding.

3.       Joomla

This is another popular platform for blogging used by lots and lots of people. But this one is generally for experts. In this platform each and every type of website can be built like website for e-commerce, business, social networking and many more. So, if you are in search of making a professional website then this is best for you.

4.       Tumblr

This platform is for the people who want to write small posts and articles. That is why this platform is also known as the micro-blogging platform. You can even add audios, videos, images and such features in this platform. This is for the one who are fond of writing small posts.

This is another great blogging platform similar to WordPress. It has great features that appeal bloggers, towards itself.

6. Jux

Jux is another platform for micro-blogging. Here you can share images, videos and all stuff. Best place for fun seeking people.

7. Weebly

Weebly is great blogging platform which is simple and effective blogging platform. It provides really a great collection of professional themes that is the best part of this platform.This is a great platform for people to share their content easily.

Your Turn

Which one have you choose? And which one you think is the best do comment.

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