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Top 11 CPM ad networks 2014 | Best CPM ads Networks

CPM ad networksEach blogger who starts his blog things of earning a lot of money through his blog and if you are reading this post than you are one of them. Earning through Cost Per Mile or Cost Per impression(CPM) ads are another method of earning from your website. If you have started getting some reasonable amount of traffic to your website, but you are not able to earn much from your traffic than applying these CPM ads will be a good option for earning from your blog.

Cost per Click (CPC) ads are the one which pay for the clicks on the ads, but as you know that most people don’t click on ads so often, the regular visitors to your website may not click even once. So, may be whole of your traffic is going for vein, so to get over this disadvantages of CPC ads, CPM ads are a better option for earning online, through impressions on your ads.

Here is the list of Top ten CPM ad networks 2014 that pay a great amount for traffic to your website, on the basis of impressions you get. CPM ads pay per thousands impression on the ads. The CPM varies according to the program you are choosing.

Here is the list for these best CPM ads network in 2014:

List of Best Top ten CPM ad networks 2014

1. Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is one of the most widely used and reputed CPM ads network online. They are popular for providing a great CPM rates, but only fallback is that they only approve the websites with high Traffic their websites. If you get more than 5 lakh visitors per month to your website than this is one of best CPM network for earning a great amount.

The payment method is via Check, NET45 and the minimum payout is $50.

2. Conversant

A very high CPM rates providing ads network, which requires very less traffic only above 3000 unique visitors per month. Conversant provides all types of ads format. The requirements in according to the looks and minimum number of posts is very high but when we talk about the number of visitors per month then it is very low.

The payment method is Wire transfer and minimum payout is Euro 25.

3. Technorati Media

Technorati is well-known for their search engine and blog directory, they also have a very good paying ads network. The requirements for the approval by Technorati is not so high and nor the traffic requirements. You can easily get approved by the ads network and easy to sign up also applying ads is easy.

The payment methods are Check & Paypal, and the minimum payout is $50.

4. Casale Media

Casale Media is Canada based ads network which is a top-tier with a high rates of CPM rates. They provide one of the best ads network that are one of best in the case of CPM ads. They require a high rate of traffic and the requirements of the website are also very high. So, if you have just started your website and you don’t have much traffic to your website then this is not the ads network for you. But if you have very high traffic then you are must opt of this CPM ads network for a great earning from your website.

The Payment method is Paypal and Check and the minimum payout is $25.

5. ValueClick Media

This is another good CPM ads network which is widely used over internet. You get a great variety of ads for your website, with a good CPM rates, so if you don’t have much traffic to your website then you don’t have to worry this is a good alternative for you for earning a great amount from your website.

The minimum payout is $50.

6. Advertising

AOL based advertising network which provides a good CPM network, but this ads network requires a very high traffic to your website. This is one of the top-tier ads network for earning a great amount from your website. 

7. Burst Media

Burst Media is another good ads network which requires very less monthly visitors, which is minimum 5000 unique visitors per month. They provide quality ads for your website with high CPM rates. You have full control over your ads. They provide a quality Campaigns.

8. Vibrant Media

Premium Contextual ads providing ads network “Vibrant Media” is a great ads network which provides a great CPM rates. The visitors required for getting approved from website is very high. They have a very high publishers rate and very high advertisers. You can earn a great amount from your website by this ads network.

9. Sovrn

If you have a very high traffic from United states then Sovern formerly known as Lijit ads network is a great method of earning high CPM rates from your website. Web-Statistics are provided by this ads network. This is highly recommended website if you have maximum traffic from United states.

The payment methods are Wire transfer, paypal, NET30 and the minimum payout is $50.

10. BuySellAds

You can sell your ads space to the one you want and at the amount you want. But to get approved by this ads network you must have minimum 50,000 page views per month. 25% of the advertisers fees is cut and remaining is provided to you. Advertisers mainly prefer this ads network as it provides advertisers a great offer of placing their ads on which ever ads network they want.

The payout methods are Check, Paypal and Wire transfer(minimum is $500) and minimum payout is $10.

11. Pop Cash

This is a pop under advertising program, which shows a pop up from the bottom of your website page. If you think that your traffic has no effect of these pop ups then you can use this ads network, but otherwise it can irritate your visitors and they may not like these pop ups, so only look at this program if you are good with the pop up ads.

The payout methods are PayZa, Paypal and PaXum and minimum payout is $10.

These are the top 11 best CPM ads networks in 2014. So, choose the best for your website and start earning a great amount from your website.

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  1. Nice stuff indeed! You have provided very good information in details.
    Thanks !!

  2. All look like winning sites Vishal. Thanks!

  3. My experience in using ad networks has been really bad until I discovered adtomatik. The best ecpm and the highest fill rates

  4. what about exoclick? is this good?

  5. Google Adsense is the better choice if you have a website with good quality of content.

  6. VAdvertize is paying good eCPM.. good fill rate and payments are on-time.. try out once..

  7. I have worked with google adsense but after few months ago google adsense banned me.
    i was very dishearted but my told me about CPM Serve for Cost Per Mile Impression advertising network.
    after joining i have earned 640$ at first month. i am very happy now to leaving adsense.
    i am very glad to posting link here for other peoples who are hearted by adsense.

  8. burst media seems to be the only convenient as it pays via paypal, and only ad network that require less number of page views and unique visitors, i have to try this.

  9. I have a website and have been using different adnetworks but never seen good results.. CPM was always low.. Now after seeing Jessica’s post i have tried VAdvertize.. Am seeing good result now.. I have earned 1200$ in a month..:-)

  10. I had a very good experience with, they are a technology focused company and are growing very fast.
    I ran a couple of performance campaigns with them and was very happy with the results. They are worth taking a look at.

  11. I have tried Admediaking,Adversal and Adgila CPM ad network. It result good for my U.S. traffic.

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