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Top 10 useful URL shorteners

Top 10 useful URL shortenersURL shorteners are the services provided by various websites that help in shortening the very long URL’s of your website. These services helps in converting the long URL’s to a maximum 10 digit URL and when any one clicks on the shorten URL you are redirected to the original URL.

What would URL shorteners help me in?

The main advantages of URL shorteners are:

  • You can share your website content on social networking websites with very small URL instead of that clumsy and long original URL.
  • You can even enjoy the services of tracking visitors and conversions to your website URL.

List of Top 10 useful URL shorteners

There is a long list of the URL shorteners, but here are some of the best that I picked out for all of you. Just choose that look perfect for you and if you have any other better option than do leave a comment below.


This is the official URL shortener provided by Google. As hosted by Google so is trusted and reliable. You get real-time analytic’s of the clicks on your URL with sorting that provides daily, weekly and monthly sorting. Easy to use and provides great features.


Another great URL shortening service providers, providing tracking feature to your URL to keep a track on the clicks that are made on your website’s URL.


This is a URL shortener provided by StumbleUpon itself. This is a great tool for providing real-time analytics and also provides sharing option with it making it easier for you to share your articles around the net.


Makes it very easy to read and remember your URL as they provide very small and also easy to remember URL’s. They also make QR (Quick Response) codes of the URL’s.


Another good URL shortner providing small URLs with a feature of adding categories to the shorten links.


This is a widely used URL shortener, which you may have seen very widely on internet. Provides real-time analytics. Provides complete details of the number of clicks to your URL. One of the oldest URL shortener.


You can add the dates for bringing the URL live and when to die it or cease it. You can even add that after how much clicks to the URL does your link become useless or not functional. One of great of all tools.


As the name suggest, it makes the URL short as all other tools. It can be very useful tool for promoting your affiliate links over internet.  A great to use tool for promoting your affiliate link.

9. Budurl

It is another great tool providing you a lots and lots of premium features. You can email to your clients through this tool directly.  Provides QR code for your URL. You can schedule your tweets to the time you want. Details stats of the real-time analytics.  Advertising link and affiliate links can also be shortened and used.


This is another great tool for branded URL shortening. It provides detailed line tracking and analytics of the clicks on URL.

These are the 10 useful URL shorteners that can help you out in one way or the other. So, choose one you like and start shortening your URLs today.


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  1. Why would you need 10 when provides almost everything you need? Any specific advantages?

  2. Hi Vishal,
    Thank you for sharing these useful url shorteners. is my first choice, and it is very cool

  3. Vikrant Mahajan

    Url shorteners really help me in my marketing campaigns as they give me really nice analytics. I personally believe the new one gives really nice stats in realtime also it gives me nice url control

  4. Excellent post. I definitely appreciate this site. I use as its provide 23 characters url, actually small url compare to other url shortener.. Thanks!

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