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Top 10 Best Free File sharing websites 2014

Here are the top 10 Best free file sharing websites in 2014 based on their rankings and the features they provide. It has become a very essential part of life nowadays to share your content with other’s online. Email’s also provide this features but it is limited to some amount of memory, generally 100-150 MB maximum.

So, for sharing your content online for free here is a list of the website that can do the job for you. These all services are free and more over a large quantity of data can be shared online. You can share data with your friends or with the peers.

So, here is the list for top 10 best free file sharing websites:

List of 10 Best Free File sharing websites

1. DropBox

Top 10 Best Free File sharing websites 2014Dropbox is one of the great places to share content online. This website is having more than over 30 million users. A great alexa ranking of 110 when last checked. You can share unlimited amount of data online through the dropbox. It also provides with a premium account which offers extra features over the free one. For checking this website out : Just click here.

Alexa Ranking: 110 (when last checked)| Estimated unique Visitors: More than 32 Million

2. Media fire

Top 10 Best Free File sharing websites 2014

This is another Most popular file sharing website, which is used by more than 23 million users online. It provides free uploading and link sharing facilities. All type of data can be stored and shared through your mediafire account. For checking more and using this best file sharing website click here.

Alexa Ranking: 170 | Estimated unique Visitors: More than 22 Million

3. Box

Top 10 Best Free File sharing websites 2014

Box is a great option for secure online sharing of your data. You can just share your data by passing links on your websites  or directly to your friends. Having more than 6 million users online.

Click here to use Box

Alexa Ranking: 869 | Estimated unique Visitors: More than 6.5 Million

4. 4shared

Over 20 million users using 4shared for sharing the data online for free and securely. This is another great option for choosing a best file sharing website online. You can share about 100MB/file and totally 5GB of data here. You can use premium account for better features and more space.

Click here to use 4shared

Alexa Ranking:  168 | Estimated unique Visitors: More than 20 Million

5. Streamfile

Its a faster and easy way of sharing your data online. You can store upto 300 MB of data here and share it whom ever you want. No registrations required which saves your valuable time.

Click here t use Stream file

Alexa Ranking: 7,75,462 

6. Google Drive

Over 18 million users online Google drive a feature provided by Google itself for sharing data online. As its under authority of Google so security is very good. Another most popular way of sharing data online for free and securely.

Click here to use this

Alexa Ranking: N.A.| Estimated unique Visitors: More than 1.5 Million

7. Pando

Pando is a medium in which you can share upto 1 GB of data easily and securely. The registration is required for making an account and sharing your data. Its faster way of sharing your data online.

Click here to use Pando

Alexa Ranking: 7,449| Estimated unique Visitors: More than 0.6 Million

8. iCloud

More than 9 million people are using iCloud for sharing the data online. Its a once must use website that will help in faster data saving and sharing online.

Click here to use iCloud

Alexa Ranking: 995 | Estimated unique Visitors: More than 9 Million

9. Mega

More than 6 million users Mega is another Best Free File sharing websites in 2014. With alexa ranking of 680 when last checked its widely used way of sharing data faster online.

Click here to use Mega

Alexa Ranking: 668 | Estimated unique Visitors : More than 6 Million

10. Zippy Share

With alexa ranking of 368 when last checked and more than 6 million users are enjoying the services of Zippy Share online for sharing their data easily and in faster way.

Click here t use Zippy Share

Alexa Ranking: 373 | Estimated unique Visitors: More than 6 Million 

Another Alternatives for sharing data

  • Uploaded
  • Send space
  • Deposit Files
  • Hightail
  • Pipebytes

Hope you enjoyed the list and have now started using a file sharing website for sharing your data online from this list. Comments and views are welcomed below.

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  1. Its helpful seeing this ‘quick’ list. I use Dropbox and 4Shared and have not regretted since opening an account with them. There is nothing as remarkable as having options when it comes to online tools.

    With the options in this list, online marketers can access different websites to store their most important data!

    I have left this comment in – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  2. Hi Vishal,

    Many folks rave about DropBox. Sounds like a winning file sharing site to me 😉

  3. Another free file sharing service you might consider adding to your list that individuals could use is LockDox. It’s totally free, allows files up to 1GB each, and offers a unique View Only mode. This mode allows you to give recipients the ability to see and review your file, but cannot download, forward, print, etc. You also get tracking notifications, can apply watermarks, and can revoke files on demand.

  4. Content sharing has been an essential part of our digital life nowadays.

    As for me, I share and restore my files online to keep it safe if ever my hard disk break down.

    DropBox is familiar to me. I’m actually using this free file sharing website for years and have installed it on my laptop. Google Drive and iCloud are also familiar to me. I’m actually using Google Drive in my Google Account. I’m saving important files there to share with my circle, while I’ve known iCloud because I’ve read a review about it once.

    The rest of the websites given are foreign to me, but glad I’ve found this post to get familiarized with them.

    Thanks for this post!

    I’ve indeed learned a lot here. 🙂


    By the way, I found this post shared on

  5. I am very thankful to you for this blog posting because i found most of the information which i was searching on the internet and any other resources about free cloud storage services.

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