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Tips To Increase Your Page Rank: Great Tips

Tips To increase Page Rank: Great Tips
Page rank is the main aspect through which the reputation of the website is determined. The Page rank varies from 0-10. The website if gets even one page rank then it means that its reputation has increased by great amount. So, here are some great tips that will definitely help you in increasing your page rank. Firstly let me tell you broadly about Page Rank.

Page Rank of website as I mentioned above shows the reputation of your website. Your website may be now at 0. If we increase it by a single point then it will lead to a great boost in reputation of your website, that means your website will be shown on top pages of google. the websites that have above 6 page rank are extra ordinarily good and are mainly on the top of google search engines.
This will lead to increase in your website traffic  by huge amount, that means your earning will also increase. So, just follow these tips.

1. Guest Posting

Guest post in the good pagerank websites. This will help you in many ways by increasing your traffic through high reputing websites, increasing your backlinks, increasing your links and much more.
To Guest post On our website Contact Us.

2. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting also very helpful in increasing your page rank by huge amount. This leads to make links with other website and also increase traffic to your website through the link that leaves back at the comment box.
So, what are you waiting comment on blogs as much as you can.

3. Submit Website To All Directories

Submit your website to all the directories, so as your traffic comes from each and every country and place to your website.
To Add your website too all different directories, just follow our post How To add Website All Different Directories.

4. Submit Blog To all Different Social Websites

This is one of the most important step that is use the social media as much as you can do for increasing presence of your website on internet. This help a lot in increasing your page rank by large amount.

5. Proper SEO

The proper seo of your website is really very much important for increasing your page rank. So, work on SEO as much as you can. See our Best SEo Tips For Blog: Hot Tips for taking a look on how to increase your websites seo.

6. Forum Posting

This is also a great idea for increasing your page rank. Submit your post on forums as this will not only increase your page rank but also help in increasing internet presence by huge amount.

7. Register Domain For Long Time

The more older is your website domain name better is the chance of increasing your page rank. For best domain name and hosting options you can try our Special Offers.

8. Increase Backlinks

More are the backlinks, inbound links, internal links and external links more is the chance of increase of your website pagerank. There are many ways through which you can increase your back links, for that you can open my post: The meaning And importance Of Backlinks.

9. High Quality Content

The content you provide on your website must be of high quality. Post a seo rich post for your blog. This will increase your page your by huge amount. The visitor always looks at the matter you are providing to them. So, provide great articles with nice description and good content.

Here are the tips to write Quality Content for your post: TIPS TO WRITE A QUALITY POST

10. Regular Updating

The other main thing to keep in mind is regular updating your blog. This helps greatly in increasing your page rank and also traffic to your website. Google really like the websites that update their work regularly.

11. Use Commonly Used Keywords

The keywords you use is the main aspect that plays role in traffic to your blog i.e. indirectly to your page rank. So, choose your keywords very carefully.

12. Website Advertisement

Advertise your blog so as to increase your traffic and get backlink from websites, thus increasing your page rank.
You can Advertise here on our blog.


 When Does Google Re-evaluate Page Rank

The Google re-evaluates the page rank three to four times a year recently Google had re-evaluated page rank in February. So, it means every three months Google re-evaluate your website page rank. So, be aware next evaluation is near. Hoping so, I would get my first Google Page rank this time 🙂

Your Turn

Did you liked the post?
Do you have more tips to increase page rank?
Then provide them in comment box 🙂

Originally posted 2013-04-18 09:20:00.

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