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Teamviewer- desktop sharing application: free download

Teamviewer: free download
Here today, I am here start with a new category in our blog of new software’s that are essential for each and every human being. Here today, I have brought  a great software naming teamviewer that is a desktop sharing application. It is a software by which you can get to another computers screen through your computer and make changes and exchange files through it.

It is not a hacking software. This is software that works when both computer holders wants this application to run.
It is very easy to install this great software and get connected to other desktop.
Now let me give you a brief description of this software:

Teamviewer: Meaning

As I told you above that teamviewer is a world famous software that is used for desktop sharing.


You can use this software to help anyone in his programming or any other problem that can only be corrected if you get into his account, but you want that every thing happens infront of you. And also this software can be used to teach programming and any other such great things.
You can even use this software for sharing files and other applications.


  • It is free of cost.
  • Easy to install
  • Small setup
  • You can share things online.
  • Highly secured.
  • You can even chat: video chat, voice chat and such things through this software.
  • Even the music that is playing on your pc will be audible to other person that is viewing your desktop. Isn’t it great?? 😀

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How to install: Teamviewer

  • Just download the setup from here.
  • When download is complete: Click on setup.
  • Follow all steps that it provides to you.
  • Choose default settings and for individual.
  • And you are done.

How to connect

  • It is very simple task.
  • If you want that you should see your friends screen on your desktop then:
  • There will be user ID and password provided on the teamviewer window as shown below on your friends and your TV: Ask your friend for the ID and password.
  • Click on connect to partner option shown below. And enter the ID and Password of your friend.
Teamviewer: Free download
  • Then click enter and you will get access to your friends desktop.
  • Similarly your friend can see your screen if you give your ID and pass to him.
  • You can change pass again and again if you want 😀


Also provide the software link to your friend.

Your turn

Hope you loved this software. Write your reviews down in comment box.
If any problem ask me. 😀

Originally posted 2013-07-20 01:57:00.

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  1. I could understand the first part of what you were saying but I got a bit lost towards the end. This is a difficult subject to understand and the especially last part is best for me. Thank you for the post keeps posting.

  2. Oh thanks for your response, Please tell me the problem that you got in there, I will surely help you in making it easier 😀

  3. Hi Vishal,

    Nice blog design, seem you have finally moved to wordpress platform this time around

  4. Hey Vishal Sharma
    This was a nice article on Teamviewer.. I mostly use this teamviewer to get connected myself with my friends while playing online gaming specially contra strike ..
    But instead of gaming it is also usefull in other ways too like if some one is facing any issue while installing any software on his/her PC or laptop then its not required to visit his/her home or office to solve their issue.. You can simple get yourself connected via teamviewer and solve that problem online.. Its pretty Time consuming software..
    Thank for sharing this info… i appreciate it.
    Harish Bali

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