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SEOPressor V5: Boost up your Ranking fast : Reviews

SEOPressor V5: Boost up your Ranking fast : Reviews
SEOPressor is the latest SEO plugin that has attracted lots of people towards it due its very useful features. Many of my friends using WordPress hosting are using this great plugin. This provides lots and lots of new features that helps in increasing the ranking of a website by a great amount.
Previously, I used to recommend Yoast SEO but after arriving of this great plugin. I would prefer you all to use this plugin.

Lets talk about the extra-ordinary features of this plugin.

Why I prefer this plugin?

This plugin is SEO friendly to the recent Google panda, Penguin and other essential algorithms updates.
This plugin includes lots of features that SEO yoast didn’t provide to you. It allows us to easily optimize Panda and penguin friendly content.


  • Over-optimization check
  • keyword score check
  • On page SEO
  • Automatic Linkings
  • Multiple Keywords & LSI Analysis
  • Rich Snippets
  • Social SEO
  • And much much more

Let us give at a look at all of these features:

1. Over-optimization Check

SEO- Pressor
A new and very useful feature has been added to this plugin that provides us information about over-optimization. Thus if you are providing over optimization to your website than you can get a warning of it, and it also provides the information of over-optimization.
over optimization means lots of heading tags and lots of bad bold in your post etc. That can be very harmful for a website.

2. Keyword SEO scores

SEOPressor V5
This plugin provides you with score of your keywords density. That gives you an estimate that if your keyword density is low or high. It also checks the Scores of your keyword that you have targeted. This provides an Idea of choosing a keyword with high search and low competition.
This also provides the methods to increase the score.
It analysis the keywords in the h1-h3, keyword density, image tags, length and links to post.

3. Multiple Keywords and LSI analysis

This is another great feature in this plugin that I love the most. LSI(Latenet Semantic Indexing)- Through this feature you can target three keywords for a post at a time.
Isn’t this feature great and also very helpful in increasing the ranking of a website.

4. Rich Snippet

SEOPressor V5
SEOPressor V5: Boost up your Ranking fast : Reviews

Due to this tool your website will show some different information than other websites thus your click through rate will increase at high speed. As shown in image above, you can watch that the post at last has some extra information than other websites.
This makes an good impression infront of the visitors.

5. Automatic Smart Linking

This great features of helping you by automatically applying links to your website. Thus saves your lots of time and also effort.
The only problem is that you will have to pay for this plugin. But the price is not so high, so if you really want your website to grow up than I recommend this plugin to you.
This will surely help in increasing your pagerank and google search rank.

Your Turn

Did you found informative? For your opinion do comment. Also add your points here.

Originally posted 2013-05-24 07:23:00.

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