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SEO tips to help Google like your iOS apps

SEO tips to help Google like your iOS apps

Most app developers find it somewhat difficult before catching Google’s heart. To make an app successfully rank high in Google is not an uphill task as many think. It is all about maximizing on search traffic and making your App visible. The following are some of the SEO tips that one could use to make sure Google likes your iOS (Apple operating system) apps.

Give your app a good name

A good name captures attention. It is advisable that before publishing the app, you do a thorough research and settle for a perfect name. Things to consider when choosing a name include finding a catchy with an interesting aspect in such a way that’s it’s easy to think about Apple in regard to the iOS. The name will be used as an anchor text for links and optimization. A good app name will increase the chances of Google liking your iOS app.

Have a good link

It is very important to overcome the temptation of using the App Store’s default button to link the app. This is because Google usually link with dissimilar and appropriate anchor text. A good linking system avoids words such as “click here” and also “available on the App Store”. It is advisable to use the name of your app in the link in place of the above link phrases. It would also be wise to include the name Apple on the link to help users locate the iOS more efficiently.

Maximizing on QR codes

Using QR codes is an effective way since it makes it easier for the Apple users to have accessibility to the app. The beauty of maximizing on QR codes is that they influence on the search ranking. Due to this feature the developer can use QR codes as a powerful tool for marketing. It is advisable that the iOS app has one.

Using social media

The use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is very useful when promoting your iOS app. It is advisable to have either or both, twitter and Facebook accounts for the iOS apps. Social media is very influential. One can also link the social profile with the app pages. This increases traffic and makes it easier for users to notice the app, consequently making Google notice the app more.

Connecting with industry blogs

Industry bloggers are very essential when promoting apps. They are best positioned to write unbiased reviews of your app on their blogs. This not only gives a lot of exposure but also gives your app a back link. This is a good strategy and could optimally get Google to love your iOS apps. Additionally, users will further love your app.

Making Google love your iOS apps is not a rocket science. With the above SEO tips, one can be able to win both the support of Google and users in regard to the App. In a nutshell, it is the right strategy that increases both popularity and usability of your iOS app.

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