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SEO techniques that you should avoid

SEO techniques that you should avoid
SEO techniques are very essential for increasing your website rankings and traffic. You must read as much as SEO techniques articles as you can and must apply them on your website. But there are some SEO techniques that may be harmful for your website. Here I will provide you all with the SEO techniques that you must avoid for your website.

There are generally two types of SEO tricks one are Black SEO tricks and other white SEO tricks. Both may help your website ranking but Black hat tricks are generally dangerous for a website.
Always use White SEO tricks and never try to use black hat SEO as this may lead to banning of your website by Google Penguin. Once banned it is very difficult to cope up back.

Here are some SEO tricks that you must never use:

1.       Duplicate Content

Always provide original content on your website. Never use the content that is copyright as this will led to banning of your website. If you are copying articles from different blogs and then copying them on your website then it may be very dangerous for your website.
Your website will never be index on Google if you are doing so.

2.       Keyword stuffing

This term means that you are providing lots of keywords on the same post. When you enter lots of keywords on same page then it is termed as keyword stuffing. Never ever over-optimize your website.  This may led to Google slap. There must about 2-5% of keyword density in your blog not more than this. The keywords must be in limit not more than it.

3.       Hidden Links

This was a very old technique that was once used for increasing website ranking. But not now, Google is changing algorithms constantly day by day. So, now this method has become non-useful. Now as the Google Penguin has come into play so, this method is no longer useful. You will get banned by Google if you will try this now.

4.       Hidden Text

This is same as Hidden links. In this the targeted keyword are stuffed as text and then hidden. This was very popular method once but not now. Don’t even try it. Be aware.

5.       Back-link Generator

Using of back link generator may be very dangerous for a website. As, adding hundreds of back links together may warn Google that you are using some wrong means, and may led your blog post un-indexed from Google search Engine.

6.       Links Exchange

The exchanging of back links, may also be very dangerous for your website. The links must be used such that you have earned it either by Guest blogging, or such countable means.

Your turn

Hope you will follow these tips. And never ever try these things.
If you have any queries, you may comment.

Originally posted 2013-06-12 04:47:00.

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  1. Wow, awesome tips. One needs to avoid all this SEO technques to prevent google hammer .
    Thanks for sharing

  2. You are right Omotayo 🙂 These tips are to be avoided so as to prevent yourself from Google slap 🙂

    Just avoid them 🙂
    And keep visiting 🙂

  3. Hey, the article is fine. Duplicate content should be avoided without a doubt. Sometimes a minute copy can also become a flop show. Thanks for the info.

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