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Send WhatsApp Messages With Funky Fonts

Send WhatsApp Messages With Funky Fonts

Well using WhatsApp just now a trend. Many users finds new trick in whatsapp to something better or a magic to their friend. Just for showing-0ff, lol i am just kiddin. So now lets come to the point.Today i am sharing a whatsapp trick by which you can send whatsapp messages to your friends with funky fonts. I am sure they will think it of this trick, how you are sending this awesome funky fonts in messages.

Steps To Send WhatsApp Messages With Funky Fonts

The trick which we am showing is just an app which you can install in almost every android devices. In this you can choose the font in that app and later write your statement, later you can export and ration that declaration behind any of your WhatsApp or Facebook friend. After creating funky fonts you can use it anywhere you want. Almost all social networking supports this type of fonts. But everyone don’t know about this app, so try it today to amaze your friends.

Now follow below guide to install this trick or you can call it as an app in your android smart phone. Read below steps carefully.

  • Install this app “Cool Fonts for Whatsapp & SMS” in your android device.
  • After installing >> open the app.
  • Now choose your desired favorite font from the list.
  • Now at below you will see the icon below to export the messages, that you had converted. You can export that converted message directly yo whatsapp or Facebook etc.
  • So click that icon and export your converted funky style txt into whatsapp messages and share it with your friends.

Video Tutorial To Send WhatsApp Messages With Funky Fonts

That’s it !! I think they will defiantly ask you for this awesome app. If you get problem some where than comment below. And if you want to give us any feedback also comment below. Try to share this trick. Sharing is caring :-).

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Originally posted 2014-07-04 12:53:46.

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