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Secrets of successful blogger: Must follow Guide

Secrets of successful blogger: Must follow Guide

What are the secrets behind the successful blogger? Here in this post I am going to disclose this secret. You will only have to spend your 5 minutes to learn all the secrets of the successful blogger.

You may have heard of blog which have a large amount of traffic and lots of comments on their blog. They earn quite large amount from their blog. So, what are the reasons that they are successful answer is here.



Secrets of successful blogger:


1. Hard Work: NO I don’t Think SO

“Hard work is key to success” I don’t think so. It has a reason. I think that we should never treat blogging as a work. We should always do blogging thinking it as Fun, and if we think it so then we will enjoy our blogging. If you will seek fun in blogging then nobody can stop you from being a successful blogger.
So, in my view the main reason why many bloggers are successful is because they seek fun in blogging and enjoy doing it.

2. SEO rich post

The posts that are provided by successful bloggers are rich of SEO. That is why they have high page rank and most wide internet presence. So, whenever you write a post make it SEO friendly. If you will do that nobody can stop you from being successful.

3. Quality content

“Quality content is the king” you may have heard it many times. The successful bloggers always provide quality content. The quality content means the content which is useful for visitors, has no grammatical mistakes, provides deep study of topic, and has a perfect length.
So, provide your attention towards the quality content and thus increase your traffic, earnings, internet presence and all on internet.

4. Best niche Chosen

Choose the best niche for your blog. Choose a niche that is mostly searched by the people and provides more scope on internet. Some of best niche in my opinion are technology, money, blogging, fashion, entertainment etc.
So, choose your niche carefully. And gain success through blogging.

Here are the best Niche To choose: BEST NICHE TO CHOOSE FOR YOUR BLOG

5. Great presentation

Your blog must provide best presentation both of content and that of your template or theme. The looks of your website must be attractive. Dull looking websites never ever attract visitors towards it. Choose simple background, nice plugins etc.

6. Spending money on Your blog

As you must have heard of quote “money makes money” so you must spend money in buying a good domain name for your blog, theme or template, good hosting, advertisements etc.
If you will follow all the above listed steps then I promise you that you will become a successful blogger in just few months.

7. Commenting On Other Blogs

Commenting on other high level websites help in increasing links with other websites, and also as you know that a link of your recent post remains on the website, so this helps in increasing your traffic also to some extend through it.
So, keep commenting on reputed blogs, this will help you a lot. 😉


I have seen many bloggers just losing their patience and leaves blogging as they are not able to earn in less time. Don’t think that you will start earning at once from a blog. It takes time and patience for your blog to earn a good amount, and respect.
These are the best quality in a successful blogger. So, keep this point in mind and become a successful blogger.

If all the above steps are followed, then I promise you that you will be become a successful blogger in small time.
Did you liked the post?? Do you have some more points?? Comment 🙂

Originally posted 2013-04-28 08:15:00.

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