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Samsung to pack a latest chipset with Galaxy Note 5

Samsung to pack a latest chipset with Galaxy Note 5Through the unbelievable performance by the 4th edition, Samsung now is having no choice but to focus more on Note line-up devices. Its contribution was simply priceless the way Samsung managed its loss of reputation after the disappointing show of S5. S6 is certainly a going to be big thing Samsung, but that hasn’t really stopped fans shifting focus from the Note devices. Talks are on a roll about the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 from Samsung. All credits goes for the gradual improvement by the devices in comparison with its predecessors each time.

Native chip to power Note 5

You must be aware of the Korean giant putting hands on for it’s in house chip for the future devices. Galaxy Note 5 is certainly going to be in deep focus on this regard. Especially after realising that Apple is staying at the advantageous side through the native chipsets, Samsung is also interested for implementing the same with one of its most popular device at the moment. These chipsets are for dealing with the high-end specs. It means, Galaxy Note 5 will carry all the top end specs this time.

4K resolution

If you are excited about the earlier 5.5 inches display, then we can already imagine the intensity of crazy “wow” with the 5.9 inches display. The Note 5 will boast 4k UHD display with the pixel density of 700 ppi. Especially, the 4K resolution is going to be distinguishing in comparison with Note 4.

Improved cameras capable of 4k video shoot:

Among those minor flaws the critics managed to spot with Note 4, one is the low light snapping experience. Sammy wants to ensure there don’t even remain any edgy issues like this with Note 5. As the first attempt the megapixel count has been hiked that reaches at 21 MP in comparison with 16 MP of Note 4. Note 4 were already fantastic with capability of 4k video shoots, and Note 5 will reportedly be even better. After coming across the news of Apple becoming little more cautious about the battery life, Samsung also looking the best power option for the Note 5.


Coming to the availability of the product, Galaxy Note 5 is expected to be there with its first glimpse most probably by 2nd September 2015. It means you may get hands on with it by initial parts of October. Another aspect through which Samsung aims to make its fans accept Note 5 as a revamped stuff than Note 4 is the use of premium material. A whole metal covering is quite sure along the finest design touch.

Platform and performance:

You have to look for something really better to beat Snapdragon 805. Reportedly, Note 5 will pack Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 with 64 bit architecture. All these will be mated with 4 GB RAM for the best outcome. Nothing much to be baffled about the platform as Android 5.0 Lollipop is quite confirmed for the device. For all your favourite stuffs Galaxy Note 5 reportedly offers 128 GB space along the microSD expansion facility.

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