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Review: Buysiteads New alternative to Google Adsense

Review: Buysiteads New alternative to Google Adsense

Earning money from your blog is the main motive of any blogger. Once a person gets banned by Google Adsense, he thinks that their is nothing left in blogging now and many of newbie bloggers leave the blogging field forever. But there are many alternatives to Google Adsense that can be very helpful in earning a great amount from your blog. One such alternative is Buysiteads Network.

Buysite network is a new alternative to Google adsense that is similar to buysellads network. It is kind of very difficult to get approved by buysellads network, but whereas this network as new provides an easy approval and also provides a great earning rates for all bloggers.

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What is Buysiteads network?

Buysiteads network is a new advertising and publishing based network that provides the interaction between the advertisers and publishers so that both can maximize the profit through this interaction.

As it is new ads network so you may have better chances of getting approved and also getting a lot to earn.

Features Provided By Buysiteads

The various features that this ads network provide are listed below:

  • You can place any size banner on your website, that suits you.
  • The Threshold payout is only $15
  • You can verify your traffic by Google analytic.
  • You can earn everyday, means payments are released everyday through papal.
  • The only method to get paid is PayPal till now.
  • Great advertisers that pay a good amount.
  • 24/7 friendly support
  • Only 20% of the commission are kept by the company and rest is paid to the publishers.
  • The types of ads provided: Banner ads, Facebook ads(posts), Twitter ads(posts).
  • You can also earn through your Facebook Pages, and twitter pages through this program.

How to get started?

It’s really very simple for getting started:


  • To Sell Ads go to Publishers section.
  • Just click on Sign up option and create a new account.
  • Then just add your website for approval
  • Jobs done


  • To buy ads go to Advertisers section.
  • And sign up
  • Just select the package or the publisher on whose website you would like to place the ads.
  • That’s it.


At last I would like to say that, as its new company so getting notice is very easy, and it can be a good choice to go with it. So, must try this alternative once.

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Originally posted 2014-05-18 12:34:01.

About Vishal Sharma

Hi`i' m +Vishal, a Search Engine optimizer, internet marketer, web designer, affiliate marketer & founder of this blog. I love to learn and share new things. For any query or help you can contact me at any time.


  1. Hi Vishal,
    Nice to be here again
    I am here via pages, of course visited another post and commented there and now a small roaming here and there in this informative spaces 🙂
    Hey Vishal, I just noticed that few of the blog pages there is no comment box like the one you provided here, why its closed, is it because you don’t want any response there from the readers?
    or is it because its handling is difficult? anyways I found this informative post, I still wonder such an informative post did not show any comment is there any reason to this!
    coming to the point or my doubt on this post is :
    I have an adsense account and its doing well now. though as you know its progress is very less
    and it looks like a slow process LOL I am still holding it and using it, Is an adsense account holder can opt for Buysiteads Network.service.?
    would like to know more on this line
    Thanks for your wonderful review on Buysiteads Network.
    Keep informed
    Philip Ariel
    PS; Hey Vishal I tried to register my name here and i received the password via mail but failed to accept my request saying
    Not found, error 404
    The page you are looking for no longer exists. Perhaps you can return back to the site’s homepage and see if you can find what you are looking for. Or, you can try finding it by using the search form below.
    Will please check it and fix it so that many can join the page
    Have a wonderful and profitable time ahead

  2. Hey Philip,

    Thanks for your valuable comment.

    First of all I want to tell you that I HV removed commenting facilities from old posts because of lots of spam comments from there..

    And yeah you can use buysiteads with Google AdSense… and is working good for me..

    Ohkk if you were logging into wp-admin page after registering, then just email me through contact form, I will tell you where to login..

    Thanks again for your response… 🙂


  3. Hello and thank you for the great review Vishal.
    Am represeting and I can say that we have clients that uses both: adsense and buysiteads and there is no conflict.
    Everyone who have questions or need any kind of help please contact us via our contact us form.

    Best of luck!
    Tim Liton

  4. This is just scam.
    I gave them $48 to buy an ad, but they stole my money.
    I paid them via PayPal (I have the transaction ID to prove), but nothing happened.
    I contacted them trying to solve the problem, but they didn’t even answered me.
    In my country, $48 is not little money. It was really a very bothering money loss.

    • Hey Leonardo,

      I m really sry for your loss, but at the time I wrote this review, I had used buysiteads and it turned out good for me, I was able to get ads for my blog from here and earned good money from here, I am not aware about cause of your case, I will try to contact the buysiteads team and see if they can help you out 🙂

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