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How To Remove Ads From Facebook In Chrome

Remove Ads From FacebookFacebook is the best social networking sites over internet. Before Facebook was without ads but after 2008 they putted ads on their site. Facebook shows ads for their income, ads are their primary source of earning but many users think that the ads are unwanted and irritating and many users need that ads to get latest offers and much more extra. Well for those who don’t want that irritating ads I am here with you showing a new trick on how to remove ads from Facebook easily in Google chrome.

How To Remove Ads From Facebook In Chrome

While surfing over the net I founded an extensions which will remove Facebook ads. So I think to share it on my blog There are many extensions which will remove ads from all over the internet in your browser but this trick will only remove ads from Facebook. If you don’t know how to remove ads from all over the web than we will discuss it later. So everyone who require to remove ads get know about it.The steps below I am sharing will remove ads from Facebook and then never show these irritating ads again in your PC but if you remove that extension than again ads will shown up to you.

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How To Remove Ads From Facebook In Google Chrome Easily

  • Open your Google chrome browser.
  • Search for “Facebook AdBlock“.
  • Install the Extension and re-open your browser.

That’s it ! Now open Facebook in your browser and you will see that no ads are showing to you. That above given extension you installed in your Google Chrome browser has destroyed all your Facebook Ads.

What This Extension Will Do For You?

  • Works perfectly with Facebook news feed layout.
  • Removes any type of ad occurring for the sidebars and public pages.
  • Blocks sponsored ads.
  • Keeps you forgive from maddening ads!

If you face any problem regarding this trick than comment below I will sort out your problem as soon as possible.

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Originally posted 2014-06-29 11:56:02.

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  1. Ads, might be it in Facebook either is quite infuriating for the people who’r not likely seeing them. So, this post is really helpful in order to Kick-off the ads which are shown in Facebook. Even me, I was looking for such article in which I could take-down the ads and luckily I got it – Finally.

    Thanks Utsav Chopra, for the great contribution. Have a great weekend ahead.
    – Bishal Biswas

  2. Easiest way to remove ads from facebook.

    Sometime it irritates a lot and I click them by mistake 😛

    But beside this, those ads also help me in making money. Wondered how?
    Simply by contacting the advertisers for review.

    Thanks for this useful post, Utsav.

  3. Hi Vishal,

    Thanks for providing us with such a useful and informative article. I also had this problem in my chrome browser and its very irritative because sometimes in a hurry we click the ads instead of the real link which made me real angry but you have done a very good job and I think this is the easiest way to get rid of the Facebook Ads In Chrome Browser.

    Thanks once again … 😉

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