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Reasons why you should comment on other blogs

Reasons why you should comment on other blogs
There are many methods of increasing traffic to your blog and increase your attraction with other blogger’s, one of the important thing is commenting on other blogs. If you think that commenting on other blogs is just waste of time, then you are absolutely wrong. There are many benefits of commenting on other blogs. These reasons are discussed below.


Here are the different reasons why you should comment on other websites whether they are follow or no-follow:

1. Building Up Relationship with other bloggers

Commenting helps in building relationship with other bloggers. You get to interact with other people through commenting. On commenting few times on other website you create a link with other bloggers. Some bloggers may become regular to your blog.
Building relations on internet is very important as it helps a lot in bringing your website up on internet. You must have heard that more persons can do a work better than single person, so just make a team by commenting on other blogs.

2. Increases back-links and Page rank

By commenting on other blogs you leave a link on that blog, so that will help in increasing your backlinks to website. It is not important that you should only comment on do-follow websites as no-follow links are also very essential as do-follow links. So, its clear that if backlinks to your website increases than surely your pagerank will also increase. Page rank is very essential element as you all know. So, start commenting on other blogs and surely on my blog 😉

3. Increases Traffic to blog

Commenting on other blogs can attract other visitors towards your comment or your link, which helps a lot in increasing your website traffic. You must always comment like if giving some extra point to readers or comment that attracts readers towards you. This will surely Increase your traffic.

4. Guest bloggers to your website

If a blogger enters your website through the useful comment you provided them, then it may be possibility that visitors from the link may be interested in Guest blogging on your blog.

5. Attracts Sponsor’s to your blog

There may be a chance a visitor that may be a sponsor may come across your comment and may be interested in Sponsoring for you. This is not 100% but there are many chances.

6. Increases online appearance

Your online appearance also increases by great amount by commenting on other blogs. You can make new friends around the world meet new people. Create your regular visitors. This also helps in increasing the likes to your FB page, following on Google+, twitter followers may increase. And lots of such advantages are provided by commenting on other blogs.

Tips for Commenting

  • One must not only comment like: ” Great post” , “nice one” or such small words used in facebook chating. You must always comment about the post.
  • The comment be made such that it attracts other visitors to your comment.
  • The comment must be made adding some extra point by you or teasing the blog owner with your comment.
  • The comments must not only be made for increasing links, you must comment as if you want to connect to the blogger.
Hope you liked the post and If you have any points to add into the post or enjoyed it then please comment 🙂

Originally posted 2013-05-18 12:09:00.

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