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How to Protect Google Adsense from Click bombing?

How to Protect Google Adsense from Click bombing?

Have you got your website approved by Google Adsense and are now worried that your Adsense account doesn’t get banned at any cost.

I had got my Adsense account banned just after few months from starting this blog. The reason was clicking bombing on my ads by someone who wanted to remove us from their competition.

I had just seen some very strange changes in the stats of clicks and views. I got shocked when I saw that many clicks on my ads in just few hours. If at that time I had idea of the tips I am going to tell you just in few minutes, I would have saved my Adsense account.

I had not done anything wrong. Nor did I violated any Google Adsense rules, still the result was bad. So, I really don’t want that you all also go through the same thing that I went to.

Still after getting banned there were many new things that I learned to earn through blogging. But yeah Adsense is surely one of the best method to earn through your blog.

So, here are the tips that you will have to follow if you don’t want your Google Adsense banned.

Tips to Protect Google Adsense from Click bombing

1. Report Google Adsense

When you see very strange changes in your Adsense account, don’t waste any moment and report this thing to Google Adsense at that very moment. This is the best method to Protect Google Adsense from Click bombing.

Steps to report to Google Adsense:

  • Just fill this form: Report Adsense
  • And report Google about the clicking stats.

Google knows that this is very common to happen, so before they ban you for ever just report them.

2. Protection is better than cure

The protection of your Adsense is better than going into trouble of being banned. So, for protecting your Adsense from any type of invalid activity, just use the plugin for WordPress that can help you to limit the number of clicks from a particular IP address. The plugin is Adsense Click fraud monitoring.

The main problem that come in this case is that you will also block the people sharing the same IP address in this case. But still this plugin is worth use. If you use the premium version of this plugin you get a very special feature that is you get an email whenever some invalid clicks are seen on Your Adsense.

3. Locate and remove the suspicious IP

Now if you see an invalid activity to your Adsense account, don’t waste the time and just locate that IP address and ban the particular IP from which you see the illegal work going on.

If you are not able to locate the IP and remove it, then just temporarily remove the ads from your website for few days and report Google Adsense.

4. Regular check up

Keep an eye on the stats of Google Adsense regularly so that you can catch any invalid clicking going on your account. This will surely help to Protect Google Adsense from Click bombing. The main cause of these invalid clicks are that some bots are left on your blog for invalid clicks so that your blog can be removed out from competition.

I hope these tips were helpful for you. If you liked the post do share it and don’t forget to subscribe.

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Originally posted 2014-04-29 20:40:11.

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  1. Hi Vishal,
    I have a question. If everything is normal in adsense account but in click fraud monitoring banned some IP address. what you will say about it.
    I am also using this plugin and statscounter. I check 10 times a day my adsense report.

    • Hey Areesha,

      The IP addresses that this plugins ban are those that are breaking any kind of the boundaries set by you. Like you have set the limit of 3 clicks per IP within 7 days, this means if any IP address that may be breaking adsense rules or not, but that falls in this category will be banned by this plugin.
      So, set the limit very carefully 🙂

      • Thanks vishal, by the way I am using blocked after 2 click within 7 days. it’s mean after 7 days these will be delete automatically?

        • You are using 2 clicks within 7 days, this means that if any person with same IP address clicks more than 2 time in 7 days his IP will be blocked from your website Google adsense and he will not get to view the ads.

          I will say that make the clicks 3-4 per 7 days…. because there can be be more than 2 valid clicks from same IP of your regular visitor, within 7 days…

          • But Vishal Dear, because of this plugin my earning is decreased from 10$ to 5-6$ / day
            actually my 90% visitor come from search engine. so I temporary remove this plugin and I check my adsense report in adsense account and statscounter website. it’s also great website.
            any way thanks for participate.

  2. hi Vishal,
    i am not having web site but i am a youtuber who wants to make funny or prank videos, i heard click bombing also effect on youtube video can you give me some solutions ??

  3. hi Vishal,
    Thanks for the ultimate guide i have question i want to make youtube channel , how can i protect my channel from click bombing ? there may be people who may click bomb me , please let me know how to check the spikes on click on my channel and even analytic so i can keep my account safe

  4. its sad to hear that some stupid did this to you ..we work hard to get approval from adsense and when somebody does this stupidity then it really hurts. I have got approval after three attempts and if that will happen to me then it will definitely frustrate me …….but there’s one thing on which i don’t agree with you is that you said above is, adsense is the best way to earn money from blog…i don’t think that there’s a lot of ways to earn much better than Adsense …one of the biggest example is affiliate marketing and affiliate networking.

    • yup you are absolutely right there are tons of methods to earn money online, I meant to say here that Adsense is one of the best methods to earn money online, but yea dont just rely on adsense..

      • Sorry i read it wrong have written it one of the best method and i though “the best method”…overall great article… i have bookmarked this page for future references. I have a question you have shifted this blog from blogger to WordPress ? or its some other platform …your generated URL’s are like blogger but category URL’s making me think about it …is it on WP or on some other platform ….If you have shifted it from Blogger to WP then can you please tell me is it difficult to shift it from Blogger to Wp ?…..Do, i loose my visitors ?….i have a blog on blogger now after reading this article and once being penalized by Google i am thinking to shift my blogger blog to WordPress.. I am already using WP for my other blog but don’t know about shifting a blog from blogger to Wp.
        I have one more question i hope u won’t mind ….Does blogger also provide software like WP. I am using Bluehost as my host but there’s no blogger option in website builder has only WP and Weebly ……Desperately waiting 4 your response…

        Thanks in advance 🙂

        • Hey Amit, I had shifted this blog from blogger to WP a long time ago, there is no lose of traffic to your blog if the shifting is done in proper way from Blogger to WordPress and it’s not difficult.

          There are very less widgets in blogger whereas widgets provided by WordPress are large in number. There are coding available online for particular widgets to be added in blogger.

          Blogger is platform provided by Google and it has nothing to do with hostings you buy, For wordpress and weebly you may have to buy hosting but blogger is free.

          • Yes, i know blogger is free and WordPress is way better than blogger. I am using both platforms at the moment i was just afraid of losing my visitors of blogger blog but yesterday i read many articles about shifting your blog from Blogger to WordPress and it seems very easy. I will first try to shift my one blog for which i am not serious to check whether everything goes fine or not. If i find everything in control then i will shift my main blog. The main reason of shifting my blog is, last year in December blogger penalized my blog and removed it from blogger but then i put a reconsideration request after that Google removed penalty from my blog by saying that my blog was mistakenly penalized but the reason that i think for which they would have probably removed my blog was too many external links mainly to penalized sites because in earlier days i never focused on making my external links “nofollow” that cost me in December. but, finally i got my blog back after one month and i fixed all the issues regarding back-links but still i am afraid and that is why now i have made my mind to shift it from Blogger to WordPress. And you know the best thing Google penalized (completely removed) my blog in December, Restored it at the end of January, and now in February it approved it for Adsense. These things make Google unpredictable

  5. well thanks 4 sharing this valuable information i will keep these things in my mind ..

  6. Hi Vishal,

    I have a question and i hope you won’t mind it …….. Have you ever faced any kind of hacking attack on your site ??? I am asking this because yesterday i faced a brute force attack on my WP site …somebody 20 times tried to log in on my blog and after that he/she was blocked by a plugin that i am currently using on my blog. I want to ask what preventive measures can i take to prevent such attacks in future…The hacker was trying to log in with Admin as a username which is a very common mistake made by most of new WP users, but thankfully i knew that thing before i started my blog.

    • Amit, yea there are brute force attacks very commonly on my website. There are lots of people using commonly used usernames to login to the website. Here are some of the methods that can help you to secure your website from any kind of hacking: Ways to secure website

      • Thank you for sharing these great tips …currently i am using Wordfence and it is working good …today i read many articles about blog protection and found that even very popular blogs got hacked in past.. i have permanently blocked the IP of that user or bot who was trying to access my blog and now after reading your tips i am going to change my default WP log in address. The some things that i have learned today is, not to use any plugin for which you are not sure, not to go for free themes or at least hacked themes, importance of using virtual keyboard, i knew about uses of virtual keyboard but never considered it seriously, and the last thing that i have learned(especially from your blog)which i am going to change is my default WP log in URL.

        Well you have a great blog and thank you for your quick replies 🙂

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