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Off Page Optimization Techniques in SEO- Best one

Off Page Optimization Techniques in SEO- Best one
As the name implies the off page optimization is the SEO tricks done off the page of the website. These techniques help in making your website SEO friendly and helps in increasing the traffic, earnings, Page rank faster. As you all know that every day new optimization techniques are being introduced and as you apply these techniques in few days, new techniques come into acts. So, be up to date with SEO tips. Keep on SEO articles after few days.

On page and off page SEO goes hand in hand. These techniques are as important as on-page SEO.
So, here is the list of techniques:

1. Submit Website to All Directories

The first step in off-page optimization is submitting your website to all directories. You must first submit your website to all different directories like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, Ask etc. You can take help of mine posts for submission to all directories.
For WordPress and Blogger Both: Top Search Engines for Submitting your website

2. Create Communities In Social Networking websites

Become members of different Social networking websites like Facebook, twitter, myspace, Digg etc. You Should make pages and groups on Facebook. And join different communities, this steps a lot in increasing the traffic, earnings and reputation of your website.

3. Blog Commenting

Comment on different Blogs weather follow or do follow, this will help in increasing your network and also help in making links with other websites. You can check out the List of 150 Do-follow websites for commenting . This will help in increasing your page rank. Blog commenting is must for broadening of your community.

4. Forum Postings

You must post on different forums as this will surely help in increasing your traffic and link with other bloggers. This is very essential method for off-Page SEO. Create a forum of your own as well as this will led to a vast increase in your communication with other bloggers.

5. Submit Videos

Submit videos related to your blog to different video submitting websites like YouTube, vuclip etc. This helps in broadening your network, now visitors from here as well can increase. You can even earn from YouTube.

6. Article Submission to Article Submitting websites

You can even submit articles related to your website to other websites like Go public, Ezine, Now public etc. Write articles for these websites.

7. Ad campaign

If you have financial support then you can use ad campaigns for publicizing your  website or your business. You can even buy ad campaigns on facebook. This is really very helpful.

8. Google Adwords

You can even buy Google adwords at small price and pick up such keywords that are placed on first page of your Google. Thus you can get exposure to website very fast.

9. Sharing Photos

You can share images of your website products on different media like Flickr, Picasa, Photo bucket etc.

10. Create widgets and Gadgets

Start creating widgets and Gadgets as this the topic that is searched the most you  can even see this in my popular post that most popular post is Recent Post Widget. So, start creating widgets.

11. Join Online Blogging Communities

You must join different blogging communities like Bloggers, indiblogger etc. You can get the list of these blogging communities here: Best blogging communities for blogger’s
These are the all things that you can do off-page for SEO, Hope you liked the list and will follow it.
Do you have more points? Comment !!

Originally posted 2013-05-26 01:54:00.

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