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Need of BlogRoll: Negative And positive Affects

Need of BlogRoll: Negative And positive Affects
What is blog roll? What are its negative and positive effects? Is this question in your mind then you are at right place to know about it. Many bloggers use this tool whereas many others don’t thing it as good tool. Now lets take this topic in consideration, and here are some points that will describe you all about Blogroll.

What is Blog Roll?

The Blog Roll is a list created that contains links to other Blogs and is generally placed on the sidebar.
Now this must be question in your mind that is it beneficial or not. Then here is the answer to your question.
Here are the Positive and Negative Affects of Blogroll:

Positive Aspects/Affects of Blogroll

Here is a list of positive aspects of blogroll:
  • It helps in building up healthy relationships with other bloggers.
  • This helps in building up backlinks to your website.
  • If your backlinks increase than it is sure that your Page rank will also increase.
  • The other bloggers may visit your blog through the link and thus may subscribe on your blog, that means your traffic is also increasing.
  • Visitors when get to know about other blogs on your website, they will definitely return to your website again and again to for getting information to another blog.
  • The visitor gets to hang on your website for more time.
These were all the positive aspect of adding blog roll to your website.
Now lets talk about negative aspects/effects.

Negative Aspects/affects of Blogroll

Here are the negative affects of adding blog roll to your website:
  • If the ratio of blog links you have added to your blog is very less than the other bloggers that are adding you than it may affect your Search Engine Optimization.
  • Adding to many links on your blogroll can irritate the readers and can confuse them about which one to choose.
  • It is very time-consuming to manage the links.
  • The may turn out to be inactive, that can also affect your SEO and may even get some punishment from Google Panda.
These were all the negative aspects of adding blogroll to your blog.
Now its your time to decide whether you want or do not want to add blogroll to your website.

Your turn

Now its your turn to come up to right decision. Whether you want to use this tool or not.
What’s your decision?? Tell me 🙂

Originally posted 2013-05-28 09:46:00.

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  1. agree with your article. Installing blogroll link leads to a link out (external link), and it means your link to the source of traffic, and may also backlinks. if your blog is less strong backlinks blog gained significant reputation will decline. There needs to be an agreement between the 2 blogs to get a 2-way link.
    great tutorial, thank you.

  2. You are absolutely right Jempot 🙂
    Keep visiting 🙂

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