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Must have Google Chrome extensions for bloggers

Must have Google Chrome extensions for bloggers
Google Chrome is the mot popular browser used by most of people in this world. So, if you are blogger, then here is a list of Google Chrome extensions list that will help you in your blogging career. As Google Chrome provides with lots of extensions that are not available in other browsers, therefore it is used by about 65% of all net using people.

So, if you are blogger then do apply these extensions to your browser, so you are always ahead of other.

List Of best Extensions for Google Chrome for bloggers

1. Shareholic

This is a must use extension for bloggers. When you have wrote your article and published it, now its time to promote it by sharing your article to different social media. There are about 250+ social networking sites available you can choose best of them. It saves a lot of time by using this extension and promoting your post.

2. Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa extension
Always be aware of your alexa rank updates, no need to go again and again to type websites name and check alexa rank, just add this extension to your browser and get ready to get updates of alexa ranking of any website any time.Every day we check our alexa rank and see our progress, so why not by this extension.

3. SEO for Chrome

SEO for chrome
This is a great extension that shows all pagerank, Alexa rank, GEO location, backlinks, internal external links and all. Great one in all extension. Be ready for challenges coming up in your field by other bloggers. Be one step ahead.

4. Awesome screenshot: Snapshot/Capture image

 Awesome screenshot: Snapshot/Capture image
Capture your screen at once. For bloggers mainly many time, capturing screenshot is required. So, here is a extension just add it and take a shot of your screen at once. You want to capture screen just click and its done. So, what are you waiting for add this extension now.

5. Quick Note

Quick Note
This is another essential extension for bloggers. Making notes mainly for some changes in template and also for posts is required, so why not add this and add our important information into it. You can use this as a clipboard and copy and paste what you want and require.

6. RSS feed reader

RSS feed
You can change the themes of widgets and customize it in the way you want. You can star important feeds that you like. It is a great rss feed reader, a great extension for google chrome.

7. Related Content By Zemeta

 Related Content By Zemeta
What to check the related content with other bloggers then this is a great extension for you. join other bloggers and get related posts, images and all with it. This is a great extension for writing a  new post for your blog.

 8. Affiliate Link Creator

 Affiliate Link Creator
This extension helps in grabbing links from any bookdepository, AmaZon or threadless pages. It provides you with icon and wen you click on it you will get your affiliate l
ink automatically added to place you want.

9. Supercounter

This is a great plugin that helps in checking the number of visitors that are visiting your blog right now. Be aware of your traffic. The thing you will have to do is add your website ID into it and then its all yours.

10. My permission Cleaner

This is a great extension to protect your personal information. It helps you to automatically scan your applications permissions. Can clean your apps permissions at once. You can even get alerts from it.

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Originally posted 2013-07-13 06:30:00.

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