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How to Make a Website and Grow it

How to Make a Website and Grow it

Learn How to Make Website : Step by Step

Are you new to the blogging World and want to know Make a Website, then here is the step by step tutorial for making a website.

Choose a perfect Topic For Blog

The first step would be choosing a perfect topic for your new blog or website, whereas if you have your own business and you are making a website on it then you may skip this step.

For checking a perfect topic for your website you can follow the below link:

Best Topics For New Blog

Choose Best Platform For You

Now the next step will be choosing a perfect platform for your new website. You can choose from lots of platforms available online, but the two that are mainly used are WordPress and Blogger. Blogger where is free and with some fewer features, on other hand WordPress is available in both free and Paid Version.

For Selecting a perfect Platform for your Website Follow the link below:

Wordpress vs Blogger

And to buy a prefect hosting, there are mainly three web hosting that I would prefer, Hostgator, Bluehost and Godaddy. You can buy a webhosting using our link and We will setup a website free for you with SEO of your website. Just buy a hosting from below link and then contact us providing your domain name to us in message.

Buy WebHosting & Get Free Installation & SEO Help From us

Choose A Domain Name

Now next step will be selecting a perfect domain name for your website. The main extensions that are popular on internet are .com, .net, .org and you can choose any of above with your domain name.

For finding a perfect domain name you must always search for a domain name that contains a keyword related to your website or your topic, this helps in bringing a great traffic to your website.

So, to select a perfect domain name you must go through some procedure to get a prefect domain name. Here is the procedure that will help you out:

Procedure to select Perfect Domain

Choose a perfect Theme

Now after setting up your website next step will be selecting a perfect theme for your website. The theme you select for your website must be seo rich, responsive, fast loading.

There are thousands of free themes that you can choose both in WordPress and Blogger Platform. You can find some of the best themes here:

WordPress Themes Blogger themes

Search Engine Optimizing Website

Now the next step is optimizing your website. For optimizing your website, there is two types of SEO: On-Page and Off-Page SEO tricks. Both of these techniques are very essential for a great website.

In On-page optimization: Optimize your title tags, images alt tags, heading tags, content keywords density etc.

And in the Off-page SEO the techniques like Link building, social publicizing your website posts etc are followed. If you are not aware of SEO tricks then follow the below link.

SEO in Detail

Monetize Your Website

Now when you have set up a good blog, now its time to earn through it, there are many methods of doing so.

The main methods of earning through a blog are:

  • Applying Ads on your website from ads networks like: Google Adsense, etc
  • Affiliate programming
  • Paid reviews
  • Paid posts
  • Selling Your own products online

For learning about some more great methods to earn from your website online follow the button below:

Monetize Your Blog

Link Building to Strength Blog Traffic from Search Engines

To strengthen your Website by linking it to the other websites. To gain links from other websites there are many link building techniques. Some of which are Guest Posting, Commenting on other blogs, Submitting website to social bookmarking website etc.

To make lots of links to your website here are 101+ Link building strategies that I have gathered for you. Just follow these all and you can make lots of links to your website.

These are basically all the steps that are helpful for beginning a new blog. For making your website better subscribe us for all updates from our website for getting new techniques of making your website better.

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