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Main Blogging Mistakes That Can Stop Your Blog Growth

Main Blogging Mistakes
Every human being makes mistakes, but the one that catch his mistakes and then works on correcting it is the one who gets to the goal he/she is dreaming of. There are about thousands and lakhs of new bloggers coming up everyday. Some of them start earning well but most of them due to following silly mistakes can ruin their blog/website. The main reason behind not achieving their goal is not correcting their mistakes.
So, work on following mistakes to get to that level which you have dreamed of.

List of Main Blogging Mistakes That Can Stop Your Blog Growth

1. Non Regularity

The main reason why most of the blogger’s don’t get up to that point that they have dreamed of is “non regularity in  their work”. Every body know that for getting successful one has to work hard. So, for the new bloggers and bloggers who are quite old in this field but yet are not getting what they want must pay attention to this point.
Post minimum one post everyday. Lagging behind in this point will lead to end of your blogging career.

2. No Attraction With Fellow Bloggers

Interaction with other bloggers helps a lot in improving your internet presence. Keep a good relation with other bloggers this will not only help in your traffic increase but also help in increasing your position on internet.
Join the blogging networks like and This is really very helpful. try it now!!

3. No Attraction On Social Networking Sites

Many times the new bloggers are not able to attract fans on the social networking websites.
Social networking websites are really a very helpful tool in  increasing traffic. So, be really very careful in this field and if you are able to add lots of followers then no one can stop you from achieving your goals.

4. Under estimating SEO

NEVER under estimate SEO. Be seo friendly, this will help in building up reputation and rank of your blog. SEO plays a vital role in blog success.
For SEO Tips you may follow my post on following link: Best SEO Tips.

5. Presentation Of website

Themes And Layout

Presentation of a website is a key factor that plays a key role in attracting a person to visit your website again and again. So, choose your theme, layout etc. with lots of care. Make your website as simple as it can in looks. The best color combination in my view is white and blue. Most of well known website have this color combination.

Post Presentation

The presentation of your post also is very important key to attract your visitors. Post in a way that people would like to see, and would be comfortable in reading.
Writing a long single paragraph would be so unattractive and also will not be able to attract much traffic.

6. Don’t Spend Much Time on Stats

I have seen this problem in many people that they spend much time only checking their stats, ranking and such things. Don’t spend much time on these things as this would let to under-estimate you at the starting. As you may be new to blog and seeing very less visitors you may get under-estimate. So, visit stats once a day. But be busy on your blog, this would help you more.

7. Confidence

Confidence!! This is the thing that many new bloggers lose while they work on their website. They lose their hope many time and regard blogging as time waste and leave it. But in my view the person must keep on working hard. As “hard work pays one day”
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Originally posted 2013-04-08 11:13:00.

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  3. Confidence is the main factor!! 🙂

  4. Yeah you are absolutely right Aashish, Confidence is generally lost by bloggers when they don't earn money for few months ..

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