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List of best Paying PPC ads networks 2013

top PPC networksEvery blogger wants to earn more and more money from his blog. The first and the main step that can be used for earning large earning is applying ads on your blog for earning great revenue from your blog. This is a proven method that has been used from long while by bloggers to earn large income. Now there are lots and lots of ads networks that are available online, so which one you must choose? Here is the simple answer to your question in this post. I have complied the best list of top 10 PPC ads networks. Just choose the best one out.

I have tried a lots of ads networks on my blog and have an experience of how these PPC ads networks works. So, just read this list of best paying top 10 PPC(Pay per click) ads networks 2013.

Here is the list of best paying PPC ads network:

List of best paying PPC ads network 2013

1. Google adsense: Best PPC ads networks

At no. 1 place is Google adsense as its Top CPC Ad Networks. As most of the bloggers know that Google adsense is the best PPC ads networks. They pay quiet high CPC and pays the highest CPC then all other ads network. But as the growth of Google adsense they have stricken there system, and it has now become tough for getting approve from this ads network. Whereas if once you get approved you can earn a large earnings from this network in small time. But as I told you above that they have stricken their policies so they can ban you for your any one mistake at any time. The mistake can be one that you even don’t know. That happened with me 🙁

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Second in our list comes the yahoo and bing ads network: They are a great alternative for Google adsense if you have got banned from Google adsense. They pay a great CPC and are just dominating Google adsense. But this network requires a high traffic from USA, UK or Canada. So, if you fall in this category then do apply for this ads network.

3. Infolinks

This is another great ads network that pays quiet good per click. Not as great as the one discussed above but can be a great alternative to the one discussed above. The minimum payout of this network is just $50. It provides with a number of options like insearch, intext, intags and inframe ads. If all are activated you can earn a good amount of money every day.

4. Chitika

This is a good alternative to Google adsense but if you are in seek of high income then it is not so good. As they provide low CPC in comparison to other above discussed Ads networks. But it can be used with Google adsense and other ads network at the same time so, you can just add this on your website so as to increase your earnings by some margin. They easily verify a website so, no worries about if your website is new.

5. Bidvertiser

This is another great ads network that is a nice alternative of Google and also can be used with Google adsense at same time. It is very easy to get verified by this ads network. It doesn’t have so much high CPC but can be still be used with other ads networks.

6. Clicksore

Nice ads network, easy to get verified. But not such high CPC. Minimum payout is just $50 via paypal. Provides a great range of ads sizes and great looking ads as well. Easy installation.

7. Kontera 

This ads network is similar to infolinks and provides the ads that don’t require any place to be placed on your website. They provide ads like in-text ads, in-tag ads and so on. The payout is just $50 via paypal. Easy to get verified by this network. This is compatible with other ads networks like Google adsense and all. This is a great Top PPC Advertising Networks.

Some more Best PPC ads networks

This was the list of best paying PPC ads networks online that can help you in earning best out of your website.

Your turn

Hope you liked the post about List of PPC Networks and have chose your best ads network that suits your website. Do comment for your responses and if you have any other better ads network then do share.

Originally posted 2013-08-08 09:41:36.

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  1. Nice list …adsense is the best..althought i’m finding it difficult to get approved with them… I tried media net but i wasnt approved coz i havent have that much visitors…..i dont like infolnks because of their intext advertisment….it makes my post look scattered…nice share..

    • Yeah you are right that infolinks advertisement is not so attractive but if you want to earn a good earnings after Google adsense and then I will prefer you this ads network.

      Whereas other ads networks like buy and sell is also good, but again tough to get approved from it.

  2. Very Nice Post Vishal Keep It Up

  3. Nice Post Vishal Keep going..!

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