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List of Best Social plugins for wordpress

List of Best Social plugins for wordpress
To increase growth of your website it is very essential to use social plugins on WordPress, so as more people join your website and more people follow your blog. Here in this article I will provide you all with the list of best social plugins for WordPress. I have searched a lot and after lots of search, I am here with list of best social media plugins for WordPress.

This is the advantage of WordPress that it provides us with so many useful plugins that make our work very easy. Here is the list of plugins:

List Of Plugins

1. Socialize

Socialize is a very useful and widely used plugin for social networking. It allows you to add social sharing buttons to your posts. It supports all major social networking websites and provides 12 different buttons for sharing in wordpress. This plugin can help in more sharing and more liking of your website pages. Thus it will increase the traffic to the website and also comments to your website. It is a great plugin.

2. Share bar

Share bar
This plugin has a very nice and attractive look that hangs to the left or right of your website. This looks very nice when applied and also layers up the empty space on the side of the website. This plugin also can be added at any place you want to, but condition is you have to make some changes to the code. You can easily add  social network buttons like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Google Buzz and Email into this box. 

3. Share Holic

Share Holic
This is a great social plugin with a great design and attractive looks. It is also known as ” Sexy bookmarks”. It provides a total of 86 services or buttons with a sexy look. You have the choice of which button you want to switch on which one off. This is one of very old and most recommended plugin for social  sharing.

4. Social Media Counter

Social Media Counter
This is a great plugin that must be included in the website. These plugin provides a lots and lots of buttons of different social media. It is very easy to handle and provides lots of changes that we can apply to the plugin. This is a must use plugin. Try it once you will surely like it.

5.Locker’s Share

Locker's Share
This is another widely used plugin due to its great appearance and lots of options. This plugin allows readers to easy subscribe a website. The readers are shown in pop up menu. 
This was the list of best Social plugins for your WordPress website. Choose the best one out.
Here is a list of some other social plugins:
  • Addthis
  • Follow Me
  • Digg Digg
  • Social Media Widget
  • Slick Social Share button
  • Get Social
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” Hope you liked the list and have chosen best one out. Liked the post or have better option, Then please comment.”

Originally posted 2013-05-19 02:51:00.

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