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Important Tips for Blogger’s before Creating a website

Important Tips for Blogger's before Creating a website
Do you want to create a new website? Then I am going to provide you with the best and most useful tips that you must keep in your mind before creating your website. These tips will help you to create a great website which would be perfect for earning money and attracting people towards itself.
Here are the tips you must follow:

Tips Before you start your website

1. Selection of Niche

It is very important to choose the best niche. So, you must read my post  the best niche for your blog, this post will provide you with the niche’s which are in trend and from which earning is made most easily. But don’t thing so that the niche I have provided at the top you will choose it. You must always choose a niche about which you have interest and knowledge.
Otherwise, there is no use of your blog. You must able to create new posts and generate new Idea’s through your blog.

2. Select a domain name

After selecting a niche to blog on you must select a domain name that would be most suitable for your blog. The domain name with .com and .net are mostly used so you must prefer them. You may check my post Best Domain name selection to know how to choose a great and SEO friendly domain name.
You can check the domain name availability and can get very cheap domain name here: Check and buy Domain Name at low price
You can contact me for lowering the price.

3. Which Platform to choose: WordPress or Blogger

This is another question in everyone’s mind that which of these two is better for your website. In my view if you want easy customisation, better SEO or you want to start a business website you may choose WordPress. Otherwise if you want a free web hosting then you can choose blogger.
You can transfer from blogger to WordPress and WordPress to blogger anytime.
If you want your website on WordPress and are looking for very low price but good web hosting then contact me, I will provide you best low price web hosting and I will setup the website for you for free.

4. Design of your Blog

Design your website properly. Don’t use heavy plugins that can lower your websites performance. Choose a lite and professional looking theme. You can get some Best WordPress themes here.

5. Content Of your Blog

You may have heard me saying many times that the content is the King. So, be focused on the content you provide to your visitors. It must be quality content.
You can write a quality post by following my post: Tips for writing quality content

6. SEO( Search Engine Optimisation)

Work on SEO of your website. This is the key that will help to increase your traffic, rank and earnings. Best SEO tips are here

7. Good Relationship with other Bloggers

Create a good relationship with other blogger’s this will help in increasing your website page rank, traffic, and reputation. Work on different social networking websites and promote your website there. Comment on blogs as much as you can, this also helps in gaining you some presence on internet.

8. Guest Post

You must guest post on other blogs as this helps in increasing your website pagerank, traffic and also make relationship with other bloggers. You can guest post for me.
Hope you liked this post:) If you follow these steps, I am sure that you will create a great website.

Originally posted 2013-05-05 06:10:00.

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