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Important Factors to consider before choosing a web hosting

Important Factors to consider before choosing a web-hosting
Whenever a person starts the new website the first thing he has to choose is the best web Host. Many people make mistake in this task and often choose wrong web host. I am going to discuss the main factors that you must keep in your mind before choosing a web hosting. All companies promise of providing 24 hour service, high load time and such promises. But what are the things that you will have to keep in mind before choosing the web host.

Here are the important factors to consider before choosing a web hosting:

Important Factors to consider before choosing a web-hosting

1.       Price or Cost

The first thing that a person considers before choosing a web-hosting is that the web-hosting must be of low-cost but must provide high performance. But this must not be the deciding factor for choosing a web-hosting. Choosing the cheapest option is not generally the useful idea.
You must have heard of this quote many times that “Money Makes Money”.  So, you will have to invest some money before earning it.
You must first compare what the different web host providers provide with their price and is it sufficient for you and then only you should choose your web hosting.

2.       Check reputation of Host providers

You must check the reputation of the web-hosting providers and then only choose your web-hosting. Then web-hosting must be trusted by people and must have positive reviews.

3.       Customer support

Check the customer support of the host providers. If it’s fast then it is the best option to choose that web-hosting as if the customer support is fast then you will have better chances of getting your problem support in lesser time and if there is any problem in your web hosting at any time then you can solve it faster and this will not affect your website reputation and will help in better maintenance of your website.

4.       Features and Add on’s

What is your web-host provider providing you? What are the features that attract you towards it? These things must be kept in mind. Why is the hosting company better than others? Check features and add on’s they provide. Choose the best option out.

5.       Easy Control Panel

Check the control panel of the web-hosting. Whether it is easier to use and provides all different platforms that you need. The things like installing WordPress, FTP mails and all such things are controlled from your cpanel.

Your Turn

Now choose the best hosting for you after taking up all above points. You can visit our post for choosing best host providers: best list.

Originally posted 2013-06-05 06:15:00.

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  1. For shared hosting not much option to look for either 😛

    1. Reputation, yes, that comes first..
    2. cPanel or DirectAdmin (though dreamhost own panel not bad either)..
    3. Read the fare usage policy and make sure you your self has a way to check your resource utilization as otherwise, you may end up losing data with reason given resource hungry website 😛

  2. You make it out absolutely right Hunky..
    All these points are necessary..

  3. There is one more factor, which is subjective though, as being India specific blog, I will be shifting to an Indian datacenter based host since that will allow lower load time for my 90% visitors !!!

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