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HTC One M9 Rumors

HTC One M9 RumorsIf you are asked to take a look back on 2014 and find the best flagship smart phone, most people would vote for the HTC One M8 except few brand fanboys. HTC has earned so much reputation for their One series, and M8 being the current iteration has passed almost all performance tests so far with excellence. We are not yet sure what the next HTC flagship device is going to be named; it could be the HTC One M9 or a new device named HTC Hima. The name HTC Hima showed up in several rumors so we are seriously considering the next HTC flagship to bear a different name.

HTC One (M9) Release Date

Unlike many other giant smart phone manufacturers, HTC has usually held their own launching event to unveil the newest flagship generations. HTC chooses neither MWC nor IFA for the smart phone announcing event, very much unlike Samsung. However, the timeline is usually around the Mobile World Congress event, on February or March to keep in focus, anyways. The popular guess is on March 2015 with Xperia Z4, because the HTC One (M8) was launched on March 25, 2014.

Build Quality and Design

One word on HTC devices’ built quality – best. The flagship HTC devices feel very premium while they sit on your hands, unlike the earlier Samsung Galaxy series flagship smartphones. The build quality and design pattern is most likely to follow the HTC One (M8) pattern as far as we are concerned, but however there would be noticeable differences as well. No matter how huge the phone is, the brushed aluminum made body would fit your hand. Like some recent flagship devices, HTC could also place their BoomBox speakers to the front for best audio output during watching movies and stuff.

So far the rumors say; the HTC One (M9) smart phone is going to sport 7 mm thickness. That’s not definitely the world’s slimmest smartphone but a practical measurement for sure.


The HTC One (M9)’s display will be moderate in size; it’s a 5.2 inch QHD display so far we have known. It is going to be a QHD display having 2560×1440 pixels resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 564 ppi. The display is slightly smaller than Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and LG G3. Larger displays than 5 inch are usually very hard to grip and operate with one hand; but HTC’s design and 5.2 inches length would make it easier to grip.

Hardware Configuration

HTC One (M9) is going to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 octa-core processor and 3 GB RAM alongside. Snapdragon 801 is still unannounced but if the processor is available by the time HTC One (M9) assembly line is still assembling the device then this device might feature Snapdragon 801 but chances are at the least phase.

There could be another Snapdragon processor making the HTC One M9 shine, which is the Snapdragon 810. All these processors are 64-bit enabled and the most of this architecture could be utilized using the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop.


HTC haven’t released any official announcements regarding the HTC One M9. The next flagship could be the HTC Hima as many sources say; we need to wait few more months to know for sure. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated whenever we receive an update.

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    That was nicely written. I really enjoyed your post. It is very helpful article at post Htc always give their best facility .The camera of HTC also to good. so at this time all people want to buy HTC. I enjoyed to read it and got some helpful information HTC Its features are really awesome.

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  2. Hey Vishal Sharma
    This is really a good post on this HTC brand smartphone…
    Actually i am also a HTC user and since from the beginning i started using HTC smartphone i found myself totally satisfied with this Brand… The services they provide for the users is also cool.. Quick service and response is provided by HTC… I also waiting for this HTC M9… Planning buy its as its going to the coolest gadget of 2015..
    Thank you for updating us
    Harish Bali

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