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How to Shop Online Safely?

How to Shop Online Safely?Shopping Online has become very common nowadays and has become a part of our lives. But still today there is a fear in heart of people who are using credit card online. The fear is that they don’t give the credit card details by mistake in a wrong hands.

It’s mostly safe to shop online but these are the few things that have to be kept in mind to be safe from any kind of loss.

Steps to Shop Online Safely

1. Check Companies Repuation You shop on

The first step is to checkout the reputation of the companies you shop online. Checkout the address of the company, reviews about the company online. If you are not checking that if company has a proper review then it could lead to risks like warranty fraud, lacking of backup services and return policies. If you still have some questions in your mind, then you can contact the website support team and ask questions and queries.

2. Read Privacy Policies

The companies selling products online and having good reputation would surely provide information of how they collect data from their customers in the privacy policies. Learn about these policies if you have any queries in your mind about your privacy.

3. Check For SSL

Always transfer the funds online through a website which has SSL
enabled. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts the input data and then breaks it into pieces , it make impossible to read this encrypted data.

4. Be aware of Phising attacks

Don’t click on any spam links, as it can led to stealing of your credit card details. Enable phishing filters on your browsers.

5. Be aware of Email scams

If you ever get any mail asking for your credit card details, or your personal information, never do so, this can cause a serious loss.

These all steps must be followed to be secure while shopping online.

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Originally posted 2015-03-19 10:49:48.

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