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How to protect Blog Content from being copied

How to protect Blog Content from being copied
It feels really very bad when any other blogger Copies your blog content that you have built up with lots of search and writing. Most of new blogger try these tactics so as to write a new post in less time. But many times in SERP’s ranking these bloggers take their post above than original post. This thing really hurts a blogger. But now due to Google Panda being coming into action ban’s such blogger.

Thanks to Google Panda. But we should not only rely on Google Panda, we must do some steps from our side to protect this type of copying.

Here are some great tips that will surely help you in preventing your blog from being copied.

Best tips to protect Blog Content from Copying

1. Check For copied Content

First thing that you should check is the websites that are copying your website content. To do so you can check if any one has copied your content through tools like: PlagSpotter and Plagiarism checker.
But in my view prevention is better than cure, so why not try below given ways for preventing your blog content copied. So, follow next steps to prevent any type of content copying.

 2. Adding Backlink through copied text

Mostly the blogger copying your content doesn’t provides a backlink to your website, so why not use tool that helps you to build up backlink as a person copies your content. By this method as any body copies any content from your blog, a backlink will be leaved behind in other website.
TYNT is a great tool that provides you a way through which you can get a backlink for every copy of your content. So, just sign up and protect your content from being copied, or get some benefit of copied text.

3. Disabling Right Mouse click

Another effective method for preventing your blog post from copying is disable the right mouse click and then scraper will be unable to copy your blog content. This method decreases the content copying by large amount. But still content can be copied from page source but as it decreases the content copying by many folds so, it is a great method to save blog content from being copied.
There are many WordPress plugins that disable the right mouse click, eg. WP-copyright protection plugin.

4. Warnings ( Flash)

Showing warning of DMCA protected website on your website can scare the scraper from copying the content. So, apply this method and you can easily protect your website from scrapers that copy your content. You can make your website DMCA protected now By clicking Here.

5. Partial Feed on SML

RSS Feeds are the most easy place for scrapers to copy your content, so why not only show partial feeds. So, you should prefer to show only partial feeds on your blog. See image below on my friends website:
How to save Blog Content from being copied

6. Build High Rank

This is great method increase your websites indexing rate by increasing the on-page and off-page optimization. If your indexing rate will increase then there is no one that can leave you behind on the google rankings. So, work on increasing indexing of your website.

Already content is copied?

Now if some one has already copied your blog content before applying these steps then you can follow following ways:
  • Talk directly to the owner of blog who has copied your blog. And request him to remove your content or provide a backlink to your website.
  • If he still doesn’t remove content then you warn him for appealing a DMCA and appeal DMCA if he still doesn’t remove the content.

Your turn

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Originally posted 2013-07-06 23:53:00.

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  1. Thanks for the info Vishal, very useful.

  2. Thanks for your response 😀 shrikanth
    Its great that you liked it 🙂

    Keep visiting 🙂

  3. Hi Vishal,

    It is an interesting and useful post. Its really bad to see that people copy the content without realising that it won't take them far away. Sooner or later, it is going to harm their blog as well as their reputation as a blogger, apart from the penalties thrown by Google Panda.

    Well, I completely agree with you on all the methods but at the same time, I feel that as a blogger we all need to act in a responsible manner. Ethics must be the priority and by not copying the material, we can show our respect to our fellow bloggers.

    Unless and until, we control our own actions, nothing can really help.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts by throwing light on such a sensitive issues that might grow with time.

  4. Yes its very embarrassing to notice when bloggerz copy the content, we should always write posts that
    are unique and must be written on our own.

    Hope these scrapers understand that, other wise we have these steps that I have discussed 😀

  5. Hii Vishal….
    This is my first visit to your blog, l’ll try for disabling right click.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

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