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How to monetize Your blog? Get best tips

How to monetize Your blog? Get best tips
Monetizing is the term that is used for defining the ability to generate revenue from a blog or a website. In my this post I will provide you with different methods to earn revenue through your website. You may not see any shopping cart or such thing on by blog, then that means I don’t earn any money from my blog? No, it’s not like that. The monetizing a blog is much complex then we think of. Lets start with all methods one by one.

What to do Before monetizing a Blog?

The first and the foremost thing to be done before monetizing a blog is that you must bring your blog to a certain level. Certain level means that you must start getting a regular high traffic and this can only be achieved if you are regular to your work. If you are getting good traffic every day to your blog then it becomes easier to earn(not that easy).
So, first thing to do before monetizing your blog is increasing traffic to your blog.

Types of Monetizing

There are mainly two types of monetizing: Direct and Indirect Monetizing a blog.

Direct Monetizing

This category is for those people who have some product to sell online. That may be any type of product whether it is Clothes, Electronics appliances, e-books etc.
Then they can directly earn by selling their product online. But they also have to work on increasing their traffic.

Indirect Monetizing

Under this category comes those people who have no product to sell. As my website, I don’t sell any product or any thing but indirectly through ads and affiliate links I earn revenue.
So, under this category there are many methods to earn:
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Making and selling e-books
4. Sponsorships
5. Email marketing
6. Jobs through website

Applying Adsense

Mostly applying ads on your website is the step that is applied by most of the bloggers for earning money. To apply this step you also don’t have to wait for much traffic as you can apply ads after writing few posts on your website. But it is difficult to apply for Google Adsense at first.
If you get any problem in applying to Adsense then read this.
And if you have got banned then you can apply for alternatives of Google Adsense.
So, start earning through this method now.

Do not get frustrated

It takes some time for earning a good earnings from your blog, so you must keep patience and wait for few months for good earning. Many blogger’s get frustrated and leave blogging or get disappointed. Don’t loose your heart. It takes some time to make regular earnings from your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

This is best method of earning through a website. Affiliate means selling some products on your website that match your niche. If you sell a product you get commission out of it.
You can read my post on affiliate marketing for better information on this topic.
Read this: How to earn from Affiliate marketing: List of Affiliate websites

Selling e-books

Make e-books on any topic that you are master at and then sell the e-books for earning money. This may also be categorized under direct earnings as we are selling our product directly to our visitors.


This method can be used by a website when it become famous or has a good ranking. Then many sponsors can come for advertising on your website. If y
our blog gets a good traffic then you can apply advertise here like box on your website: As you can see at the bottom of my web-page.

Your Turn

Which method do you use for your earnings? Do you have any other method or views? Do share with us and our visitors.

Originally posted 2013-07-02 07:17:00.

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  1. Great tips to monetize a blog thanks for sharing this post helpful for newbie bloggers 🙂

  2. thanks Aparajita for your appreciation 🙂
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  3. Never thought of making money from the website I have, till one fine morning, my web sent me an email, I am using too much of resource and I came to know, unlimited hosting is not really an unlimited one 😛

    There onwards trying ways to generate some fund to get my self a VPS 🙁

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