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How to integrate SEO with social networks: Best Tips

How to integrate SEO with social networks: Best Tips
This is a Guest Post by Adesanmi Adedotun who is a passionate blogger and has his own website AdetechBlog. This is a blog tech that mainly focused on of Android tips, blogging tips, blogging, blogger, and SEO. 
Here’s the post:
Just like every human endeavor, SEO strategies will soon varnish as the new Google penguin begin to grow and mature. This fact has really left a scar on the heart of the many bloggers, website owners, and even many webmasters who diligently make use of SEO,

and they keep pondering where to go after which Google penguin finally matured to the fullest.

The way-out is that, as SEO strategies may begin to fade away as new Google penguin begin to mature, is to keep with some good qualities of blog SEO alternative which is content marketing.
Many bloggers believed that content marketing will go as far as taking the place of SEO as time goes on, and even on Google page ranking in time to come.

What the heck is content marketing?

This is seen as the act of using the traditional SEO method with social medial network in marketing business and internet entrepreneurship.
Gone are those days where link building plays an important role, but now social network with quality content marketing has taken the place of in-build links.
Though, this might sounds encouraging, and more beneficiary since both techniques are content creation and letting the visitors create trust in one’s brand and quality.
It is now astonished even as search engine have encourage the use of quality content likeness or dislike, share with friends on social network like Facebook like and share, pin on pinterest, twitter re-tweet, and the like to increase the quality created backlinks.

Who are you following?

In the days back, many people tend to follow the act of following and get followers back in return to the extent of even buying followers on twitter but recently, there is an obvious evidence that most Organic search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are not placing more priority on who you follows you but who are following you, and hopefully this may lead Google to refine their algorithm and tell how one influential is via his/her profile page.

What do you offer?

When talking about offer in this perspective using social network, it looks like the best way and method to bring about the issue of offer. Some social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are wonderful ways to presents one’s offer.
But refer is often the case because many make use of the so-called social networks in abusing what they offer or have brand in their offer and publish irrelevant links and article without putting consideration  on the thought of their customs or readers.
The easiest way to lose one dignity, quality, and trust is to give out irrelevant information to people who will make them lose interest on whatever one offers or what one think may be of help but nothing to write about.

You are a born leader!

Growing the leading act in your niche is as important as the content of your blog. The born leadership in you is the ability to research on people’s problem and provide answer to it on your blog and not by scrapping content without any references or link-back to the content author website or blog.
There are many way to research on what people are in need off and that is one of the great important of forum, social network and all the like. And immediately those problems are identified, provide answer to them on your blog and share it on social network to see how people will respond to it through comment and watch your traffic growing.


Even without understanding the way to SEO, content marketing is the only and best alternative to increase blog traffic, search engine visibility, and page-rank as well.

Author Bio:

This is a Guest Post by Adesanmi Adedotun who is a passionate blogger and has his own website Adetechblog. This is a blog tech that mainly focused on of Android tips, blogging tips, blogging, blogger, and SEO. 

Originally posted 2013-07-03 00:10:00.

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  1. Some of the content wise details are the best and especially middle part is the best for me and my knowledge.

  2. Yes Vishal!, Content marketing is the best alternative to Google SEO, most especially when the new Google penguin fully matured.

  3. SEO have evolve alot and now its quality game and social media factor and quality of content play important role now when it come to improve ranking of your website on search engine. By integrating social media and seo you can rest assured that google will love your website and help you in improving his ranking on search engine.

  4. The person who knows the tactics to SMO with SEo will get success as per today's market. Social media and PPC plays a major role in SEO.Doing Social media in a proper for your website/blog will definitely improve your rankings.

  5. Oh that's great that this post was helpful for you 🙂

    Keep in touch with us for such tips 😀

  6. Yeah you are right Jenny that Social media has a big hand behind a successful and high ranked blog..

    thanks for your response 😀

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