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How to increase website speed: Effective tips

How to increase website speed: Effective tips
Is your website loading time very high? Is your bounce rate so high? Then here is a solution for your problems. Through this post you will get to know about different methods through which you can increase website speed. The speed of website is very important factor that play an essential role in deciding the increase of visitors and thus ranking of the website.
Here are some tips that will surely help in increasing your website speed with great amount:

How to increase website speed

1.       Best Theme selection

This is the most important factor in deciding the loading speed of a website. You must always use professional and fast loading themes. Many people don’t choose good themes for their website and thus mostly have low loading speed websites.
If you can buy a theme than it’s best. You can buy many high-speed themes from here.
But if you don’t have money for spending on your blog yet then you can use these free themes: Themes for blogger and themes for WordPress.

2.       Only Important Plugins/widgets

You must only add the plugins or widgets to your website that are required. Adding lots of plugins and widgets will surely affect in speed of your website. When we add lots of animated plugins to our website, loading speed of the website decreases by a great amount.
So, use only required number of plugins that are of up-most importance.
Take care while adding the plugins to your website.

3.       Less Advertisements

Applying lots of advertisements on your website also affects a lot on the speed of your website. Apply only few numbers of advertisements, only that much that looks nice and also so they don’t alter the speed of your website. I know that advertisements are very essential for a blogger ad this is one of the medium through which we earn, but using less advertisements with best placement can be the solution to our answer. So, you must always use less number of advertisements, not generally more than 3.
You must mostly use text ads then banner ads as the banner ads makes the website slower and also, in today’s world about 70% of people are banner blind.

 Your Turn

Hope you will follow the steps. If you have some more points to add into this then please comment J

Originally posted 2013-06-05 06:06:00.

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  1. As in general, every blog will have its own design so they will have their own way of reducing page load time..

    Mainly images and number of plugins can be an issue, but one factor which slows me down is out of my reach that's my hosting, as being on shared platform, as I am serving lots of hits and consuming bandwidth, website of mine is getting slower by day..

    One thing helps, that caching but it too has its limitation, as like in my case where the web hosting is itself getting slower !!!

  2. You are absolutely right Hunky, the web-hosting is also a factor that alters a lot in speed.

    In my view HostGator and Bluehost are good options for shared hosting, as many of my friends use that and its working great 🙂

  3. I am running with HostGator, not happy as with price, its great to have smaller websites, but as you starts to get organic traffic, what I am seeing is its getting slower every day 🙁

  4. Yeah you are right as the traffic increases the page gets slower..

    But as we cannot afford dedicated hostings so we will have to manage with this speed.

    But I will try to find some way out of this situation.

  5. I hope you may offer some useful solution for the problem !!!

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