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How to hide whatsapp last seen

How to hide Last seen In whatsapp

Whatsapp is a widely used messaging app which has become very famous among the people of all age. Easy to use app with lots of helpful features contained in. There is another great feature which whatsapp contains, which is “Whatsapp Last seen”. Whereas on one side this feature is not good for some people like me as we don’t want to show that what was the last time we were online last time, who don’t want to show Whatsapp Last seen. So, whatsapp has just provided an easy way to stop showing your last seen on whatsapp.

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Video Tutorial On Hide Whatsapp last seen

What is Hide Last seen in whatsapp?

This is a feature in whatsapp that shows a time-stamp, showing when you were last time online and had opened whatsapp and hide lastseen in whatsapp is feature by which you can stop showing such information to any of your friends. The whatsapp has provided with 3 different methods in which you can configure whatsapp last seen:

  • Everyone: By this you mean anyone on whatsapp with your mobile number, can check your information.
  • My contacts: Only the people in your contact list can see your information.
  • Nobody: By this you mean no body can see your information.

Method to hide Last seen in whatsapp

These are simple steps by which you can hide whatsapp last seen option:

Hide Whatsapp Last Seen android

Hide Whatsapp Last Seen android

  • First of all launch your whatsapp on your android mobile phone with version 2.1 or above.
  • Click on Menu tab, mostly the three dots at the top of your whatsapp screen towards right.
  • Then click on settings in it.
  • Next Click on Account, and then click on Privacy.
  • Then you will see Last seen option, providing three different above mentioned way to set the privacy of your whatsapp.
  • Just click on Nobody there and you done.
  • Now your Whatsapp Last seen is hidden.

Hide Whatsapp Last seen iPhone

Hide Whatsapp Last seen iPhone

It’s sort of similar as android. Follow following steps:

  • Launch Whatsapp, Click on gear like button i.e. settings
  • Now in the Settings, click on Privacy settings
  • Now click on Last seen option which is the first option you get, just click on it.
  • And change the settings from everybody to nobody.

Hide Whatsapp Last seen Blackberry

Hide Whatsapp Last seen Blackberry

  • Launch your whatsapp on blackberry mobile.
  • Click on settings option, which is gear like button on top.
  • Now click on privacy settings under it.
  • Now just click on last seen and change settings from everyone to nobody.

That’s it, you have disabled your last seen on whatsapp.

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